The Final Act Of Juliette Willoughby

The Final Act Of Juliette Willoughby

In 1938 runaway heiress & artist Juliette Willoughby died in a accidental studio fire in Paris with her older lover Oskar Erlich & her painting Self-Portrait As a Sphinx. Five decades later in the early 1990s art history students at Cambridge discover evidence that the fire in Paris was no accident but something very sinister. This bit of information is something many in the Willoughby family would do anything to cover it up. In modern day Dubai the past somehow has to do with the present.


Writing, Pacing, & Characters

I love writing and I love the fact that the point of view is written from the first person from Caroline, Patrick & Juliette’s points of view. I also enjoy the fact that Juliette’s point of view was in the form of journal entries which I enjoy especially when it comes to history. The pacing moved slowly at times, but the mystery blended with history and the overall storyline kept me interested. I love the characters of Caroline & Patrick & their romance & I like Juliette of course. I like that you didn’t see the twists and turns coming which makes a great mystery and the setting in England & Dubai. The way the epilogue ended made me wonder if there could be a sequel.



I enjoyed the book very much. If you are a fan of mysteries blended with some historical fiction, & don’t mind a bit of a slower pace, then you will enjoy this novel. The Final Act Of Juliette Willoughby was released on June 11th and is available to read now. Thank you Heather Drucker for the early copy!