The Dane of My Existence

The Dane of My Existence

This morning I finished reading The Dane of My Existence by Jessica Martin. Benjamin Dane is a hot shot commercial developer intent on tearing down an outdoor theater and building condos in its place. Portia Barnes is a lawyer while though she’s not a Shakespeare nut like her family and the rest of the town she’s not letting Benjamin destroy the town that her family and friends hold dear. That doesn’t stop the two of them from falling in love. The Dane of My Existence will be released on July 4th. Pre-order the book if you don’t have a physical or netgalley copy.



I like the setting of New Hampshire a state I would love to see. I love the concept of the story. I like Portia’s family and Ben himself. I like the fact that the town is into Shakespeare which is cute. The writing is excellent!



Unfortunately I didn’t like the main character of Portia. I also didn’t feel the connection between Portia and Ben. Even though the story is setting them to end up together, it just seemed so random. There was something that was missing from the story to give it that extra umpf. What it was? I couldn’t tell. I know The Dane of My Existence is a sequel to For The Love of The Bard, and one of the sisters is a main character in that book, I might like that book better than this one.




If you are a fan of romantic comedies and Shakespeare, you might enjoy this book or you might not. I didn’t hate it but I also didn’t love it.