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The Book Lovers Library

Yesterday New York Times Bestselling Author Madeline Martin posted on her social media about the blurb for her next novel The Book Lovers Library. The synopsis is already available on Goodreads and I added it to my want to read list on Goodreads. The blurb below has me excited!

 Widow, Emma Taylor, has just begun working at the Booklover’s Library in Nottingham, England when the war breaks out and her daughter must be sent away to the country to remain safe. Bereft and broken-hearted, Emma turns to the comfort she’s always known best: books. She is not alone in this need. As war descends in earnest, bringing bombs and danger to their doorstep, the community is now more important than ever before – for safety, for support, and for hope.

 Already I know I’m going to enjoy reading this book. It’s a historical fiction novel about the power of books and how they can help us and bring us together in the worst of times and Madeline Martin is brilliant at conveying that in her books. The Book Lovers Library comes out on September 3rd 2024. I realize we’re not even in the fall of this year but it’s still exciting! If I don’t get a physical or netgalley copy I know I will definitely buy it automatically.