The Apology

The Apology

On July 10th I began reading an early copy of The Apology by Jimin Han and finished it today. Our main character is Jeonga Cha aged 105 years old from South Korea. Jeonga receives a letter prompting her and her sisters to go to America. Ten days later she is thrust into the afterlife. A decision Jeonga thought she was doing to help the family name by sending her son’s pregnant girlfriend to America backfires years later. Jeonga has to figure out how to right the wrong so she can move on and fight off a family curse. Will Jeonga be able to do it in time? Or will it be too late?



I like the main character of Jeonga and that the story is from her point of view. I like that the book has a mix of family saga, historical fiction and of course a ghost story. I like how we see Jeonga grow as a character even in death. Jeonga has to see that she’s made mistakes and that she isn’t always right. Sometimes family makes mistakes but their intentions are good, while at the same time being humble enough to apologize.



The book was a bit slow and sometimes took a while to get exciting which was my only gripe about the book.



Overall I enjoyed it. If you like stories about the afterlife, historical fiction and about family and how important it is, you will enjoy this book. If you don’t have an early physical or netgalley copy, preorder The Apology, by Jimin Han coming out on August 1st.