The Antique Hunter's Guide to Murder

The Antique Hunter’s Guide To Murder

Tonight, I finished C.L. Miller’s debut murder mystery novel The Antique Hunter’s Guide To Murder. Freya Lockwood learns her estranged friend and guardian Arthur Crockleford, owner of an antique shop and an antiques dealer died under mysterious circumstances. Together, Freya & her eccentric Aunt Carole go to an old manor house for an antique event that Arthur planned on going to that weekend. Freya and her Aunt Carole find that the other guests have secrets of their own and one of them might have something to do with Arthur’s demise. Can they find out who was behind it before the killer strikes again?


Plot, Writing/Pacing, Characters & Setting  

Of course, the plot drew me in because I am a fan of murder mysteries. Freya & Aunt Carole are great main characters! They are both a great team, Aunt Carole made me chuckle quite a bit. She’s someone I would love to have as an aunt or a friend. The pacing was good, it was steady enough to keep you invested but not too slow to where you were bored. I’m also surprised that this is C.L. Miller’s debut novel, as her writing and the way the words flow seem as though she’s been writing books for years. I also love the English setting! I picture the countryside. The ending leaves a cliffhanger for a sequel, I think.




Overall if you enjoy mysteries, antiques, adventure and the English countryside, I think you will enjoy this book very much!  Thank you, C.L. Miller, for the wonderful book! I look forward to our Q&A and reading everything else you write after!