The American Boyfriend

The American Boyfriend

Earlier this year I did a Q&A with author Ivy Ngeow who was also kind enough to email me a pdf copy of her psychological thriller novel The American Boyfriend. The American Boyfriend is about a Malaysian British woman, Phoebe Wong who leaves her home of London England to visit her online American Boyfriend, Carter in Miami Florida, though not all is sunny in the sunshine state. Phoebe and her daughter’s first night there, her stuff gets robbed. Carter is also unreliable in not showing up and on another night of her vacation a British businessman gets murdered at the same restaurant Phoebe and Carter are having a dinner date at and gets mixed up in a murder case. Is Carter to be trusted or is there something darker at play?


Writing, Storytelling & Characters

The writing flowed really well. It did start of a bit slow in the beginning but it didn’t stay that way. I like Phoebe as a character even though she was way too trusting and you would think as a single mother in another country she wouldn’t be that way. I enjoyed some of the twists and turns in the book too. There were a few things that seemed conveniently wrapped up.



All in all I liked it. Were there things that seemed too unbelievable? Yes. Was it also entertaining? Yes it was! I can’t wait to read more from Ivy Ngeow.