Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

“Sunset Beach,” is the first book I read by Mary Kay Andrews even though she’s been around for a long time. This book has mysteries, romance and the beach all in one book. Is it worth the read? Read my review and find out.



Drue Campbell’s life is getting out of control. Drue injures her knee in a wind surfing accident, her mother passes away and her father who hasn’t been around for 2 decades shows up at her mother’s funeral and is married to her frenemy Wendy from highschool. Reluctantly Drue takes her father’s offer at working at his law firm. The perk is she is inheriting her grandparents beach house. It’s no picnic working there with Wendy around. Drue does get involved in helping solve a two year old murder that happened at a beach resort that someone at the firm was somehow involved in. There’s another mystery that Drue’s father may or may not be involved in.



Mary Kay Andrews is great at her craft. The writing is descriptive. I can picture everything and I can hear the ocean waves crash upon the shore. I know reading the book has put me in the mood for warm weather and beaches. I like how Drue befriends the murdered woman’s mother and daughter.



There weren’t many cons. Only thing is most of the characters were unlikeable, and even some of the characters I did like were a bit forgettable. I also felt the second murder mystery that may or may not involve Drue’s father felt out of place for this story it could have been for another book. The one night stand between Drue and that love interest seemed out of place and it was early on in the book.




Was it perfect? No. Was it terrible? Nope. Was it entertaining? It really was. Today finished Mary Kay Andrews recent release, “The Newcomer.” I will have that review ready shortly.