Sunflower Sisters & another book revisiting Ravensbruck

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Sunflower Sisters & another book revisiting Ravensbruck

For fans of Martha Hall Kelly and her books The Lilac Girls and Lost Roses I have good news for you all. The third book is called Sunflower Sisters and in this book it goes back further in time to the Civil War and tells the story of Caroline Ferriday’s great grandmother Jane Eliza Newton Woolsey. Jane Eliza Newton fought against slavery, and established the first nursing services in America. Sun Flower Sisters comes out in Spring of 2021.


Although I’m not interested in the battle side of The Civil War, seeing the abolitionist side of the fight against slavery will definitely be interesting.  Martha Hall Kelly and I messaged each other about Sunflower Sisters. Martha finished Sunflower Sisters and is now working on another book revisiting World War II and Ravensbruck.


The next book Martha Hall Kelly is working on revisits Ravensbruck and talks about another survivor. Martha told me that although the Ravensbruck is a way’s off since she’s working on it obviously, but she told me she is having a blast with it because it takes place all over the world. I’m predicting both books are going to be number 1 on The New York Best Sellers, because Martha Hall Kelly is an amazing writer that writes about lesser known parts of history.