Stephen King's "The Talisman" becoming a Netflix Show

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Stephen King’s “The Talisman” becoming a Netflix show

 It seems as though yesterday I was just reporting on more news about Stephen King and his adaptions. Okay it was more like last week, and I just published the newsletter a few days ago. There is more news coming about Stephen King. Stephen King’s book “The Talisman,” is getting an adaption for Netflix. Steven Spielberg and The Duffer Brothers who are famous for the show Stranger Things are collaborating with Stephen King to do the series. I found out the info from both The Hollywood Reporter and The book of “The Talisman” is about a 12 year old boy named Jack Sawyer that is on a quest to save his dying mother. The only thing that can save his mother is the talisman. The talisman can save Jack’s mother and also save the world. Jack goes on this dangerous quest for the talisman between the America we know of and the dangerous parallel fantasy world known as The Territories.

 Although I’m more of a fan of Stephen King’s short stories than his regular books, “The Talisman,” sounds like a book I would want to read. It has fantasy and adventure which are many things I love in a book. Apparently this isn’t the first time Hollywood has tried to adapt this book into a film or mini-series. According to “The Talisman,” was once in development as a TNT miniseries, but was never picked up to series. Steven Spielberg had gotten the screen rights for the book way back when in 1982. According to The Hollywood Reporter, In 1982, Steven Spielberg was so enamored by The Talisman, the fantasy horror book by Stephen King and Peter Straub, that two years before the book was published, he acquired the screen rights outright and in perpetuity. He then spent the next 35 + years developing as a movie, trying in vain to find a way into the story.

 I am for one excited about this. Sometimes waiting for a while to do a movie or a show based on a book is for the best. As much as I love entertainment from the 2000’s, 90s, 80s etc, the special effects then compared to the special effects now have vastly improved. Not only that, Hollywood needs original ideas now more than ever since all we get is remakes/reboots, sequels, prequels and spin offs. So it is nice to get more book ideas in Hollywood. Hopefully Hollywood doesn’t mess his book up. Luckily Stephen King has his hand in it as well as Spielberg and The Duff brothers.