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Stephen King News!

For fans of horror, especially Stephen King I have good news. If you’ve read King’s recent book of short stories called, “If It Bleeds” all 4 of the short stories from that book are being adapted for film or t.v. According to my source “Bloody Disgusting”, last week news spread that Blumhouse, Ryan Murphy (creator of American Horror Story, Glee and countless other shows), and writer/director John Lee Hancock are working together to make the movie version of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” which is one of the stories in the novel, “If It Bleeds.”

 According to “Bloody Disgusting,” “Deadline” also spilled the tea that actor Ben Stiller has optioned the other short story “Rat.” Stiller is not only directing and producing the film version of this story, he’s also starring in it as well. The story of Rat sounds like a deal with the devil story almost which makes it extra creepy. The synopsis from Wikipedia:

 “The story centers on a writer named Drew Larson. He’s given himself over to academia because every time he tries to turn a good idea into a novel, things go seriously bad – mentally, physically, or both. But his latest concept, a Western thriller, is gangbusters, and he goes out to an old family cabin in the woods to get the novel done. When storms, insecurities, and sickness hit, Drew strikes a sinister bargain with a rat that turns out to be a thought-provoking spin on a “Monkey’s Paw” situation. The rat offers to get rid of his writer’s block in exchange for one of Larson’s loved ones dying.”

 “Deadline,” also spilled the tea that Darren Aronofsky‘s Protozoa has optioned the story “The Life of Chuck” for Aronofsky to produce and the titular story “If It Bleed’s” might cross on over into HBO’s The Outsider. Holly Gibney from The Outsider is the focus of the short story “If it Bleeds, so it would make the most sense for the short story to cross on over into The Outsider. I know in the past Hollywood has screwed up a lot of his novels, but since Stephen King is most likely also in control and its not the 80s and 90s anymore this should do well. I’ve read some of his stuff,  some of  his stories I enjoy others are meh for me. While I’m not a super fan of his, you have to admit some terrific writers besides King, are involved in these adaptions.