Stealing Snow could have used more ice...

Stealing Snow could have used more ice…


“Stealing Snow,” by Danielle Paige is a retelling of “The Snow Queen,” by Hans Christian Anderson. Danielle Paige is also the author of the “Dorothy Must Die,” series as well as an upcoming Fairy God Mother series etc. There were several times on and off in the past that I tried to read this and ended up not finishing it. This time I read more spoilers on the internet just to help me get through this book. It’s disappointing because I couldn’t get into the series Dorothy Must Die. I read the prequel book before the first book explaining how Dorothy became a power mad dictator of Oz and I wasn’t pleased with it either. Hopefully I like the fairy god mother book.



I actually like that the Snow Queen is a good guy this time around. I like that she is the one telling her story. I do enjoy the first person storytelling better than the third person storytelling. The twist with her mother a witch and her father the evil snow king was definitely a twist. Nepenthe the river witch I liked. I know there’s a prequel novella about her. I’m debating on whether I should read that one. I did like the twist that Snow’s mother was evil all along it explains why she put Snow in the asylum. Bale was the king’s enforcer which makes him no good.



It was lazy writing by having the main character named Snow. You couldn’t have a different name for her if you’re fleeing a power mad dictator hell bent on destroying his child so he can rule the world? I also felt that Snow living in a mental asylum due to trying to take her friend through the mirror when she was 5, was not only farfetched but it ripped off Alice’s story from the Once Upon a Time spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. In the Wonderland spin off Alice was in an asylum and characters from wonderland helped her escape just like Jagger from Snow’s original home helped her escape. Also Snow was in love with not just Bale but two other guys Jagger, and Kai. The chosen one trope can work but I don’t know about the snow queen being it.



Overall it was a nice effort but not my thing. I think the plot could have used more time to thaw from the cold.