Stars in an Italian Sky


Stars in an Italian Sky

Yesterday on the Netgalley app I finished reading Jill Santopolo’s “Stars in an Italian Sky”. “Stars in an Italian Sky,” has a dual time line and two love stories. In 1946 Giovanna and Vincenzo meet for the first time in Giovanna’s fathers tailor shop and the moment they laid eyes on one another it was love at first sight. But the two love birds are from another world. Vincenzo is the son of a count and has a winery, Giovanna is a tailors daughter. Politics forces them to pick a side which ultimately tears them apart. In 2017 New York Cassandra and Luca are planning their wedding and while neither of them fit in with their prospective in laws they are a perfect match for each other. When Luca convinces Cassandra’s grandmother and his grandfather to pose together for a painting the past and present collide and secrets come out.



There’s a lot to like about this book. I like that in the past it took place after World War II and how the war affected the Italian people and the after math of it. I also liked that we had a little history of the monarchy and how they voted to abolish it. I wasn’t sure if the Italian royalty was still in power now I know they are not. I also love that the main theme throughout the novel to learn is, you cannot live to please other people. If you live to please other people you will be miserable. I love all the characters too.




It is a tad predictable and it dragged in parts but other than that the book was great.




I enjoyed the novel. I’m so glad I requested a copy from Netgalley and read it. Thank you Jill Santopolo for writing such a beautiful novel. “Stars in an Italian Sky,” will be released on February 28th 2023. If you don’t have netgalley to request an early copy pre-order the book now.