Starring Adele Astaire

Starring Adele Astaire

Thursday morning I finished reading Starring Adele Astaire by Eliza Knight. The book tells the story about Fred Astaire’s sister Adele and how the duo were famous and at one point Adele was more famous than her brother in the theater and vaudeville. Spending much of their lives in the spotlight though, Adele dreams of finding love, getting married and starting a family. In comes Violet Wood who wants to become a famous dancer and her and Adele become fast friends. Both have dreams but will they come at a cost?



I liked reading Adele’s parts obviously. I loved seeing her romance with Lord Cavendish play out after dumping William Gaunt. I also liked that she and then Prince Edward (before becoming Edward VIII and marrying Wallis Simpson) had a short courtship. There was a part where Adele saw baby Elizabeth (before becoming Queen Elizabeth II). You also read the tragic parts and her becoming happy again.



Violet Wood’s parts felt out of place for the story for me since the book is titled Starring Adele Astaire after all. Violet is also a fictional character so I felt there wasn’t a need for her part to be there. I understand Eliza wanted to explore what it was like being a star back then and wanting to go back and forth between England and New York.




If you’re a fan of Old Hollywood, England and historical fiction in general I recommend you pick this up. Starring Adele Astaire is available to pick up from your bookstore or library now.