Snow Creek by Gregg Olsen

Snow Creek a mystery of its own

Snow Creek is the first book in the Megan Carpenter series written by author Gregg Olsen whose written books about true crime stories and fictional mysteries. I enjoyed this book a lot. I stood up until 1:38 am 5 days ago reading it. The story takes place in the Pacific Northwest. Detective Megan Carpenter gets a call from a woman named Ruth Turner, about Ruth’s sister Ida and her husband missing. Both Megan and Ruth check on Ida’s children in the off the grid in Snow Creek where dark secrets are easily hidden. The children think that their parents are doing charity work in an orphanage in Mexico but there is no record. Not long after a body of a woman’s burnt corpse is found in a pick up truck. With some DA testing it comes to no surprise that it is the childrens mother Ida. Megan also had a traumatizing past of her own.



I really like Megan’s character. Despite having a checkered past of her own she became a detective in order to help people. You see she feels sorry for the children because they live in isolation away from a lot of people, it reminds Megan of her own childhood only hers was worse. Megan and her brother were isolated because they were constantly on the run. Its also unclear who killed her stepfather and where her mother was.


Ida and Ruth and Ida’s husband who I’ve forgot his name, are stereotypical fundamentalist Christians that live away from society.


Regina and Amy are a lesbian couple that also live far away from society. Regina is the sketchy person out of the two of them.


Overall thoughts


The book was great. I can’t wait for the next book in the series and we hopefully find out more about Megan’s past and what she supposedly did since a few things were vague. There were things in the book that seemed very convoluted or stereotypical but for the most part I enjoyed it. Some of family members of Ida the murder victim seem to be the stereotypical fundamentalist Christians that are shielding their children from the secular world. Regina cut up the body of Ida’s husband and burned his corpse so the outside world leaves her alone. I’m thinking, that this sounds good for a tv show or a lifetime special. Amy was basically dead and was made into a marionette puppet after wanting to leave Regina. Regina also commits suicide. I felt like they didn’t move the story forward but I guess it was to prove theres many secrets in Snow Creek. The way the murder happened by the kids was somewhat convoluted since it seemed like the sister was in hiding and the girl staying with Joshua the brother was the girlfriend who was involved in the murder of her parents. It was still entertaining though.