Shadow and Bone Netflix Show

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Shadow and Bone Netflix Show

It’s been out for a while that Netflix adapted the Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books Shadow and Bone series as well as the overlapping the prequel series of Six of Crows. I read the first book “Shadow and Bone,” and it wasn’t for me. The idea sounded cool but I’ve just grown out of young adult books. The story takes place in a Russian inspired fantasy world. The world is split into by a powerful dark magic where unnatural creatures devour human flesh. The main character Alina who’s a solider in the army discovers she has a power that could save her best friend and unite the kingdom and defeat evil.

 Although the show is based on the books, apparently it will massively differ from the books all together. Don’t shoot me I’m the messenger just giving out the tea. Here is what author Leigh Bardugo has to say about it; The show will be radically different from the books. But in the most amazing way. Will pretty much be a high budget fan fiction.

 The filming and casting for the show has been completed. The most famous actor being in the show is Ben Barnes. Ben Barnes is playing the General Kirigan aka The Darkling. If you don’t know who Ben Barnes is, he was Prince Caspian in Narnia Prince Caspian and Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Honestly for the show to be vastly different from the books, I don’t know how many of the fans will receive it very well. On the other hand this could be a great fantasy and it will be nice to see Ben Barnes in another fantasy role.  Also Ben Barnes is nice to look at too hehehe! The show will most likely come on Netflix later this year or sometime next year since filming is complete. I will give an update when I find out more.