Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Yesterday I finished reading “Rock Paper Scissors,” by author Alice Feeney. It’s a  mystery about a married couple Adam and Amelia Wright. Amelia won a free raffle ticket to go on a romantic weekend away in Scotland which will either save or destroy their marriage. Also both people in the marriage are telling their side of the story about their lives and their marriage but one of them is lying and doesn’t want the other one coming out alive.



I liked the setting that it’s in a creepy chapel in The Scottish Highlands. It almost reminded me of another mystery book titled, “The Hunting Party,” by Lucy Foley that also took place in the Scottish Highlands during a snow storm. I like that Adam and Amelia are telling their side of the story alternating between chapters along with letters Amelia wrote Adam every anniversary (that she wouldn’t let him read). The ending was I think the most exciting part of the story. I like the fact that Adam has a condition where he has face blindness where he can’t recognize faces of people even his family and friends. We don’t read about characters with face blindness very often in fiction.



While I mentioned above that the ending was the most exciting part of the book, it seemed a bit too convoluted it’s like it was trying to outdo “Gone Girl,” with its unrealistic twist. It also seemed as though as much as I liked Adam and disliked Amelia, both characters are one dimensional in my opinion. Adam was the stereotypical workaholic because he’s a screen writer. Amelia gets annoyed that he’s so into his work and is that workaholic. I sometimes wanted to tell Amelia, “Amelia you knew what you married and his work is paying the bills so stop it.”



Although I think the book was slightly overhyped, I did enjoy the book. Do I think this is a book I would be raving about? Not really. It is something to recommend when you want a quick read and you’re in a book rut. I can’t wait to read more from Alice Feeney. I have her other book “His & Hers,” checked out from the library which I will eventually read as well.