Ready Player One Sequel!

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Ready Player One sequel!

I hope every one of my readers is enjoying their summer swimming in the pool, taking walks and of course reading awesome books despite the corona virus. For fans of the book “Ready Player One,” by Ernest Cline, a sequel is coming. The sequel to “Ready Player One,” is called “Ready  Player Two.” According to Polygon and The Hollywood Reporter, Cline in 2017 had been working started working on the sequel. “Ready Player Two,” will be released on November 24th of this year according to Polygon and other sources. If you’re one of those people who like to pre-order so it comes to your house on the release date, its available to pre-order now.

 The first book takes place in 2045 in a dystopian future where people live in a virtual reality called The Oasis. Wade Watts the main character is seeking clues to find the Easter egg in The Oasis, and whoever finds it will wealth and control of the virtual world. There was a movie version of Ready Player One that came out in 2018. While there isn’t many details about the plot of “Ready Player Two,” it will most likely take place after the events of the first book.

 While I don’t read many young adult books anymore, I’m sure many who read this genre are excited. This also gears towards teens and kids who are video game nerds. These books would be geared toward video game nerds. Maybe this would be a good book for parents to coax their kids who are game nerds but not book nerds into reading “Ready Player One,” and “Ready Player Two.”