Q&A With Vicki Delany

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Q&A With Vicki Delany 

Tonight I’m doing a Q&A with bestselling author Vicki Delany. Vicki is the author of several murder mystery series and a few stand alones novels. Her series are, Tea by the Sea Mysteries, Lighthouse Library Series (under the pen name of Eva Gates), Year Round Christmas Mystery Series, The Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mysteries, Ashley Grant Mystery Series, Constable Molly Smith Series, Ray Robertson Series, Klondike Mystery Series and psychological standalone novels “More than Sorrow,” “Burden of Memory,” “Scare the Light Away,” & “Whiteout”. 


Q: I love reading murder mysteries. What interests you about writing murder mystery novels? When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: I came rather late to writing. I was in my forties, not entirely happy with the progress of my career so I decided I’d try my hand at writing a book.  I took some creating writing courses, first planning to write for children, as I have three children of my own. I soon realized I didn’t want to write kids’ books, but I was enjoying the course, so I decided to try a mystery, because that’s what I read. And so I did…

I love the puzzle aspect of the books I’m writing now. Cozy mysteries are usually puzzle mysteries and I love putting that puzzle together.

Q: Is it fair to say that the characters in your novels are based off of people you know? I always love it that authors use personalities from people they know to create fictional ones. 

A: The characters in my books are anything but based on people I know. Sorry, all totally made up. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone on how to write a great murder mystery novel that would keep you someone on their toes? How do you deal with writers block and what would you tell someone who deals with the same problem?

A: First, regarding writers block, I simply don’t believe in it. If writing is your profession, then claiming to have writers block is like a plumber calling in sick because she has plumber’s block.  Get on with it. That might sound harsh, and it is, but we all have times when we’re stuck for an idea or a way of propelling the story forward. Just keep on working and it will come. 

The only advice I have for anyone wanting to write a mystery novel, is to read what’s out there. Read, and read wildly, not just the subgenre you want to write in and not just mysteries. 

Q: What advice do you give to new authors who have to deal with negative feedback whether it’s from online trolls, bad reviews, and family and friends who are unsupportive? 

A: First, just accept that everyone has different tastes. If they didn’t it would be a boring world.  Trolls: Ignore then. Bad reviews: Ask yourself if this is a respected reviewer. If not: then ignore them. If it is: perhaps take some of what they had to say to heart.  Maybe this is an opportunity to learn something. It’s up to you if you think the criticism is valid.

As for unsupportive family and friends, that goes with the territory.  It really doesn’t matter, does it? 

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to any of your novels? We need more good murder mystery shows on tv. 

A: Not at the moment. I have had two of my works optioned, but the options died without anything being done.  It would be nice, though 

Q: Are you writing a new novel now? If you are is it a standalone novel or part of one of your many series? 

A: I am literally always writing. (Unless I’m travelling, which I do quite a lot.)  I am publishing four books a year, so that means that I am working constantly. At the moment I’m working on the fifth Tea by the Sea mystery. As soon as that’s done, I have a Lighthouse Library book waiting to be written.