Q&A With Tanya Anne Crosby

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Q&A With Tanya Anne Crosby 

I am honored and privileged to do a Q&A with my next guest who writes romance ranging from romantic suspense to historical romance novelsa New York Times & USA Today Bestseller Tanya Anne Crosby! Tanya has been featured in magazines such as People, Romantic Times & Publishers Weekly. On top of being an author, she is an award-winning journalist and editor!

Q: Tanya, have you always known that being an author was what you were called to do in life? I love reading romance, whether it’s romantic suspense, contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic comedies etc. What is it about writing romantic suspense and historical romance that you enjoy writing so much?

A: I’m curious: Which is your favorite genre I have written? And yes, I have ALWAYS known I wanted to be a writer. When I was 12, after getting my tonsils taken out, my dad asked me what I wanted, thinking I would say ice cream (that would be normal, right?). But instead I asked to borrow his typewriter. Much later in life, the first book I attempted to write was a romantic suspense. But I never finished that one. I read a Judith McNaught novel and fell in love with historical romance. That’s where I cut my teeth as a baby writer. 

Q: Do you have any upcoming releases coming and are you currently working on any projects? 

A: Right now I’m busy working on finishing up the Goldenchild Prophecy. I’m working on the fourth and final book of that series, and I’ve been so engaged with this series that I haven’t yet determined what comes next. What would you want to see me write next?

Q: What’s it like having your books on both the USA Today & New York Times Bestsellers lists? I imagine it must be a dream come true!

A: When I made those lists, it was thrilling, but I’ve come to realize how political they are. I do feel the USA Today list was much more on the pulse of what people are actually buying and reading so I was sad to see it go away, and sad by the changes implemented upon its return. So, lists are great, but it’s my readers’ support I value most of all.

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your work? We need more original content again and it wouldn’t hurt Hollywood to have more book adaptations.

A: Not at this point, but I sure would love that, especially for the Goldenchild Prophecy! Keep vibing that!

Q: If you were to write in another genre besides romance, which genres would you choose and why?

A: I love romantic fantasy and women’s fiction — both for very, very different reasons. But when it comes to movies, I ADORE science fiction and I’d say that’s probably my fave genre.

Q: On top of writing you are also a journalist and editor! That’s so exciting! How do you juggle being an author, journalist and editor? What would be your advice for anyone wanting to pursue doing all three? 

A: Well, very honestly, I was a journalist and editor during a 10-year hiatus from writing books. I am glad I did it, and I learned so much, but I prefer writing books so I’m glad to be back to focusing on that, and I’m not sure I want to do both, especially now, after starting a publishing company. Oliver Heber Books takes up a lot of my time — more than I ever expected. It makes it harder to keep a robust writing schedule.

Q: Would you say you being an editor and journalist was instrumental in you writing books?

A: Probably not in writing my books. I was an author long before I was either of those things, but I do feel it helped me tighten my writing skills, and I feel it, among other things, helped prepare me for this new age of publishing. Oliver Heber Books might not exist if I hadn’t taken that break.

Q: What was it like being featured in People, Romantic Times & Publishers Weekly? It sounds so fascinating!

A: The most thrilling one of all was to see myself in People. That was amazing. But really, every book is new and exciting and I get excited about literally every little thing, every new review, every unboxing, every time I type “the end”, every time I start a new story. Writing stories is definitely what I was born to do.