Q&A With Stephanie Yanez

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Q&A With Stephanie Yanez 

Today’s special guest is with Jpop music artist and first time children’s author Stephanie Yanez. Stephanie Yanez’s book is titled What Are Your Dreams?  I found her through Jake Adelstein when he posted her single Neon Lies. On top of singing and writing What Are Your Dreams? Stephanie has worked with Japanese, Anime and Gaming companies, writes for a local Japanese website and when she isn’t on stage she is teaching music to children. 


Q: So Stephanie how did you come up with the idea for What Are Your Dreams? 

A: My ideas and inspirations for songs and for this book just come to me all of a sudden and when I start writing I don’t stop. It just flows from my whole being. I knew that I wanted to write a story that focuses on the adventure that we all take as human beings on discovering what we love to do in life. I also felt it was important to talk about how amazing dreams are, no matter how big or small and that it’s okay to change your dreams and even have multiple dreams and goals as you grow every day. I wanted to incorporate Japanese words throughout the story to show how beautiful learning another language can be. It has been a joy for me to learn Japanese through music and the industry that I have been in although I understand more than speak. I hope to one day expand my vocabulary even more. 

Q: Do you plan on writing more books for children in the future? 

A: If I get inspired to write more I definitely will. I am just so overjoyed with my first book release and just want to cherish the time that is at hand.

Q: Would you like to tell us a little bit about your music and how you come up with the ideas for your songs? 

A: I’m a Jpop/Anime Music Artist but I also create music in other genres like city pop, future funk, synth pop, rock, electronica, etc. Like I said when I get inspired lyrics, melodies, and the music all comes out of me pretty fast. A lot of Anime inspires my songs. For example I’ll be watching a really cute shoujo anime or manga like Sailor Moon and be inspired to write a whole song about it. But also everyday life inspires me. I love the simple things in life and I love to love.

Q: What is it like teaching children music? How long have you taught music to children? 

A: I have been teaching children for over 15 years now. Teaching children music is one of the most beautiful things ever. Music is so powerful! I have seen little kiddos coming in super shy and once they see that music can set them free. They are the happiest, most confident kids I have ever seen. Every child in my class is a super star and I tell them that many times during my class. At the end of my class everyone gets star stickers! I’m just so happy to see all of the little ones grow in their love for music. It’s crazy that I find time to even teach in between all of my gigs, music recording, content creation for many companies, writing articles, and now writing and illustrating a book. But that is how important it is for me to continue to teach the children. I make sure to make time.