Q&A With Sarah Morgan

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Q&A With Sarah Morgan 

Today’s guest is Sunday Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction Sarah Morgan! Some of Sarah’s novels include The Christmas Escape, Beach House Summer, Snowed In For Christmas & The Book Club Hotel & coming out on May 7th 2024 in the USA (UK May 24th) is The Summer Swap. 

Q: When did the realization that you wanted to be an author happen? Was it when you were a child or when you were an adult?

A: I was eight years old when I decided I wanted to be an author (having completed the biography of my hamster which I’m convinced would have been a bestseller had I been able to get it into the right hands!), but in the end I trained as a nurse so the author dream was put on hold for a while. For a few years writing fiction was simply the way I chose to relax after a busy day, but then I was lucky enough to get my first publishing contract and it all started from there. That was more than twenty years ago and I’ve been writing ever since.

Q: What drew you into writing contemporary romance and women’s fiction?

A: I’ve written romance right from the beginning and I have always loved exploring the romantic journey of two main characters. No two people have the same romantic experience so there are no end of stories to tell, but while I enjoyed focusing on romance for many years, I was also interested in exploring a broader relationship dynamic, particularly friendship and also the complexities of family so that’s when I started writing women’s fiction. And I’ve had so much fun with that. My books still contain plenty of romance of course, but also take a wider look at the character’s lives and tackle themes which are relevant to so many women today. 

Q: You live in London, England. Where is your favorite place in London? Where is your favorite spot or spots to sit down and plot, write and edit your work?

A: London is a fantastic city and there are many places I love, but a favorite day out would be to pick up some food from historic Borough market near Tower Bridge, then walk along the River Thames past The Tate Modern and maybe end up in Covent Garden for lunch (all the best days out revolve around food for me!). At Christmas I love to visit the Natural History Museum, its outdoor skating rink, and take a stroll along Regent Street to look at the lights. It’s all very festive. And of course London has all the nightlife you can possibly want, whether it’s restaurants, bars or theatre. London is busy and exciting and although occasionally I’ll make notes and figure out plot problems while I’m out and about, when it comes to the actual writing of my books I usually choose somewhere quieter. I’m lucky enough to be able to hide away in my office, which is a little wooden cabin nestled under the apple trees in my garden. I’m surrounded by nature and it’s a very soothing place to work.

Q: Would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I about your latest release The Book Club Hotel (which is called The Christmas Book Club in the UK) & how you came up with the concept for the novel?

A: I’ve always been fascinated by book clubs and what they mean to people and that was something I wanted to explore in The Book Club Hotel. Some groups seem to dissect the book in detail, whereas for others it’s simply an excuse to gather with friends who share a love of reading and catch up on life. The three friends in my story have known each other for twenty years and they’ve all reached a point of change in their lives. They think they know each other really well, but as the story unravels they discover there are still things to learn. Like all my books it explores themes of friendship and family, and of course there is romance.

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

A: It takes me around six months, although it does vary and sometimes it is quicker than that and sometimes a little longer. Every book is different, but I have deadlines and a publishing schedule, so I do the work that is necessary to keep to that schedule.

Q: Is it fair to say that you use bits and pieces of real people and places to create your fictional characters and worlds?

A: Like all writers I’m inspired by what I see and hear, and often we are absorbing information (and inspiration!) without even being aware of it. Much of what I write is informed by real life, but I never base characters on someone specific, and more often than not I use fictional settings even though the general surroundings are always inspired by real places. Part of the joy of being a writer comes from being able to invent people and places! 

Q: Is it too early to ask if you are writing your 2024 release and what it’s about?

A: My next release will be The Summer Swap, which will be out in May 2024. It’s about three women of different generations who all make a major change in their lives despite opposition from family! It’s set in beautiful Cape Cod which is the perfect setting for a summer story, and I had a wonderful time writing it. I hope readers will love it!

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights and interest in your work? The entertainment industry needs new content again. 

A: I’ve had a few of my books optioned and made into movies. Hallmark made a movie of The Christmas Sisters called North to Home, and Sleigh Bells in the Snow and Miracle on 5th Avenue have also been made into TV movies. Like all writers, I’m always hoping for more movie interest. Crossing a finger that happens!