Q&A With Sara Adrien

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Q&A With Sara Adrien

Another author Alexa Aston was kind enough to connect me with the bestselling author of historical romance Sara Adrien. Sara is the author of the series Infiltrating The Ton, Diamond Dynasty, Check Mates (coming in 2024) & Miracles On Harley Street (also coming in 2024)! 


Q: Sara, where did your love of reading & writing historical romance come from? 

A: On the surface, I find the elegance of ladies in beautiful gowns and gentlemen with top hats quite charming. Additionally, I have always enjoyed the tradition of afternoon tea. Interestingly, even before I started writing in this genre, I had a personal connection to it. My wedding took place in a castle, where we celebrated with afternoon tea before dinner. So, my love for historical settings goes beyond my writing career; it is a part of who I am. But there’s more!
          History is like a treasure trove of lessons just waiting to be discovered! In many ways, history can teach us some seriously fascinating stuff that we can apply to our lives today. Take, for example, the book I’m currently working on. It dives headfirst into the juicy moral dilemma of lies. Two hundred years ago, society wasn’t exactly what you’d call “politically correct.” Back then, getting caught with a little fib could turn your whole world upside down. Talk about high stakes! Thus, by exploring these historical settings, we get a chance to tackle themes that are still relevant today, albeit in more extreme ways. It’s like taking a wild roller coaster ride through time, all while examining the very fabric of truth and deception. There’s so much more to writing Regency romance than just nostalgia. It’s a valuable journey that entertains us but also gives us a fresh perspective on the present.

Q: What is the research process like when researching & writing historical romance? In your opinion what makes a great historical romance novel, especially for those who want to write in the genre like you do?

A: Ah, research, the delightful Pandora’s box of knowledge! In my humble opinion (though subject to change), finding the sweet spot lies in striking a balance. While we can’t exactly recreate history, we do have the power to fill in the gaps left by the records as long as the setting feels authentic and the story captivates, I believe we can even take some artistic license to bend historical facts ever so slightly. After all, weaving a compelling narrative is an art form, isn’t it?

Q: How long does it normally take for you to write a book?

A: It depends on the length of the book and my deadlines, but it takes at least six weeks and can take up to a year.

Q: Would you like to talk about your upcoming releases and what you are currently writing right now? 

A: Of course!
I’m working on book 5 of the Diamond Dynasty as we speak, In A Precious Vow. The Diamond Dynasty series follows the Infiltrating the Ton series with both characters and in terms of series arcs. The series that spins off again is the Check Mates series for which I must study quite a bit of chess. Some of the characters come back in my Lyon’s Den books that are tied to the forthcoming series about the doctors titled Miracles on Harley Street. For that series, think Bridgerton meets Grey’s Anatomy combined with Friends.
There’s a treasure hunt in the Diamond Dynasty series and the hero in this book, In A Precious Vow, must work very hard to earn his place in the family that his sister married into. You cannot miss this one! The hero, Peter Primrose, is going to be amazing!

Q: If Hollywood were to get the rights to your work (if they haven’t already) who would be the perfect cast to play the characters you created? I could see your books becoming a great series for PBS Masterpiece. I also think that the entertainment industry needs new ideas again instead of remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels & spinoffs. 

A: Oh, I would love that! My stories are all written in a way that they can be turned into scenes and lend themselves to movies or episodes with a manageable cast. Since the Diamond Dynasty series is a spinoff from the Infiltrating the Ton series, that works as a new season or anything that mixes Bridgerton with Downton Abbey.
I’m writing a prequel, too, that could be integrated. And what’s more, my characters go in and out of each other’s stories, so the actors could return in subsequent movies or episodes. This is true for all my series, all four of them! We have jewelers, doctors, bankers, butlers, rabbis, and plenty of siblings for a supporting cast with promising new episodes/books to come!

One of the characters in my stories, Arnold Ehrlich, could be a cute actor like Josh Bowman. I’d imagine Justin Hartley for Fave Pearler. And I’d pair either of them with Sofia Perna or Bailee Madison for Rachel or Hannah’s roles in my first two books. Wouldn’t it be fun to join the casting? Wow!

I must tell you something else, too: The settings in my stories are real and I could tell the producers where the perfect venues are to film these. Alternatively, I could share the images I always create for my idea boards and consistent descriptions of settings. I also walked the paths that my heroes take in the Infiltrating the Ton and the Diamond Dynasty series all over London. I wanted to make sure it’s doable, authentic, and credible for my readers. It would be so cool to see the stories of these families come to life on the silver screen or even just the tablet! So very cool!

Q: If you were to write in a genre that wasn’t historical romance, which genres would you explore and why? 

A: I have two unpublished rom coms that are contemporary. The covers and everything are ready, but I haven’t sent them into the world yet.
I also published several textbooks about law from my “previous career” and those are very dense texts with tons of footnotes.

Q: What is helpful advice you would give to new and aspiring authors on how to deal with criticism coming from negative reviews, online trolls & family and friends who might not support their creativity and talent?

A: I’d start with this:
1. Use a pen name and share it sparingly!
2. Don’t read bad reviews unless you want to turn them into lessons to develop your craft.
3. Always learn, study, read, and improve your craft. There’s always room to grow.