Q&A With Samantha M. Bailey

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Q&A With Samantha M. Bailey 

My latest Q&A is with USA Today Bestselling author Samantha M. Bailey, she is the author of “Woman on The Edge,” & “Watch Out for Her.” 


Q: So Samantha which book did you have the most fun writing? Which book did you feel was more challenging to write? 


A: I’ve written six books, and two are published. Each book was fun and challenging in its own ways. WOMAN ON THE EDGE was challenging because I’d tried for twenty years, story after story, to get a traditional publishing deal and knew that premise was my best shot. I was scared, but I took a deep breath and poured everything I had into writing the story I needed to tell. It was fun, because I wasn’t on deadline and could take my time learning, writing, tearing the book apart, and re-building it. WATCH OUT FOR HER was an entirely different experience because I was now a USA TODAY and #1 national bestselling author, a surreal dream come true. I didn’t want to disappoint my readers or myself, and my ultimate goal is always to create the very best work I can. As I began writing it, the pandemic hit, and it was challenging because my two kids, then nine and twelve, were learning remotely, home all the time, and I had no space or time for myself. My main focus was making sure they were as physically and emotionally healthy as possible. I actually can’t believe I managed to complete the book, and I’m very proud of it. It was fun in the sense that it was cathartic for me to have a place to unload all my thoughts and worries, and I cracked my soul open writing it. It became the book of my heart.

Q: What is your advice to anyone wanting to be an author, especially one like you who writes mystery thrillers? 


A: My first piece of advice is to read. I get so much inspiration, motivation, and knowledge from other authors and their words. The next is to find your people. Having a network, a community of writers who understand what you do and why you do it, who can commiserate and celebrate with you, is so important. The book community is a very warm, genuine, welcoming place, and if you put yourself out there, reach out, it’s worth everything. The third is never give up. I wrote my first novel when I was twenty-nine years old. WOMAN ON THE EDGE was published when I was forty-six. Reaching your goals might not be fast, and it definitely won’t be easy, but if you keep going, it is so worth the agony of rejection.


Q: Are you writing a new book right now? If so can you spoil a little bit about it? 

A: I’m always working on a new book, or new idea, because writing for me is like breathing. My next thriller is a work-in-progress, so I can’t reveal too much about it. But I will say that with each book I write, I want to give my readers the best escape, for me to take big risks, push myself outside my comfort zone, and dig as deep as I can to produce the strongest story possible. I’m so grateful to my readers whose beautiful messages give me so much courage and motivation.



Q: What were your favorite novels you read this year so far? 


A: Oh, hard question! I read voraciously, and I’m in awe of my fellow writers and their talent. Some of my favorite novels from this past year are: MY SUMMER DARLINGS by May Cobb, AS SEEN ON TV by Meredith Schorr, NEVER COMING HOME by Hannah Mary McKinnon, THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK by Jennifer Hillier, LAST ONE ALIVE by Amber Cowie, THE DARKNESS IN THE LIGHT BY Daniel Kalla, ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS by Wanda Morris, THE MAID by Nita Prose, IT COULD BE ANYONE by Jaime Lynn Hendricks, WOMAN ON FIRE by Lisa Barr, and so many others. More of my book recommendations are on Goodreads. 


Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your novels? 


A: I have an amazing film/TV agent who shops my work to the screen powers-that-be. I would love so much for my books to be adapted for film and/or TV. When anyone shows interest in screen rights, I am ecstatic and hopefully one day I’ll be able to share exciting news.