Q&A With Samantha Holt

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Q&A With Samantha Holt 

This week another author I have the pleasure of doing a Q&A with USA Today Bestselling author of historical romance Samantha Holt. Many of her novels are part of a series. Some of her many series are Bluestocking Brides, Spinsters Club, Cynfell Brothers, Rogues of Redmere & The Duchess’s Investigative Society. 

Q: I’ve gotten into reading historical romance last summer. What is it about writing in the genre that you enjoy so much?

A: For me, I think it’s just pure escapism. I know we romanticize the past but it’s that idea of a simpler time and the exploration of a world that only exists in echoes in our modern life now.

Q: Do you have any upcoming releases and are you currently writing new books right now? 

A: I’ve just released A Bluestocking for the Rake which was an enemies to lovers story and great fun to write. I didn’t realize Pierce and Ginny would wind up not just lovers but great, supportive friends to each other by the end. I’m working on plotting a brand new series at the moment, though I can’t reveal much as it’s very early stages! 

Q: In your opinion, what makes the perfect historical romance book for those who want to write in that genre?

A: I’m not sure there is a perfect one! There’s huge variety in the genre and I enjoy  all kinds of elements in my stories. I know I love a good dash of humor but sometimes I adore a bit of danger and suspense and a variety of settings. I suppose being able to get lost in the past is the most important part. 

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your work? Whether they do have the rights to your work, who would be your dream cast? Hollywood could use more originality and I think your books would be great for PBS Masterpiece. 

A: There’s no plans for my books past them being books and going wider into the world via translations which is fun! I’m so pleased to see more attention paid to the genre via Bridgerton and I really hope Hollywood is waking up to the fact we need more women-centric, original stories. The successes of stories like Bridgerton and Barbie shows how powerful an audience we are! If any of my books were ever on screen, I’d love a more unknown cast like Bridgerton I think though I’d never say no to Henry Cavill. 

Q: How does it feel that your books are on the USA Today Bestsellers List? It sounds like a dream come true!

A: It was an unexpected shock at the time! I hadn’t aimed for it and it was just sort of a combination of the right book at the right time. It was wonderful, but, if I’m honest, there are moments that are even more exciting like when readers tell you how much they saw themselves in your characters or how much a book meant to them. 

Q: Would you please describe the beautiful village you live in middle England? It sounds like something out of a fantasy story to me. 

A: I grew up further south right next to the village of Chawton which is where Jane Austen lived and wrote. I even played in the garden of her house as a child! I really regret not appreciating it more but I don’t take living where I do now for granted. I moved to the midlands to follow my husband’s work and we’re so lucky that we live right by the amazing towns of Warwick and Stratford-Upon-Avon as well as Kenilworth. For those who don’t know, Stratford is where William Shakespeare lived and is the most beautiful town. I love going there with my daughters in the summer and walking past the gorgeous medieval buildings and sitting by the river with an ice cream. Warwick and Kenilworth are both famous for their castles and my husband and I went on our first date to Kenilworth as well as got engaged there!