Q&A With Rob Gutro

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Q&A With Rob Gutro 

Today’s exciting Q&A is with author, paranormal investigator & medium Rob Gutro. While Rob is known as a pet medium, he’s communicated with both animals and people who have passed. Rob’s books are in three separate series Pets and the Afterlife, Ghosts On A Medium’s Vacation, & Ghosts And Spirits. Here is the link to his website . 

 Q: Rob, would you like to tell us about each of your series about the paranormal & why you chose to write down these true accounts?

 A: Sure! All my books are about my own experiences with people or pets, either as earthbound ghosts or spirits who have crossed over. The Pets and the Afterlife series teaches anyone what signs to look for from their pets in spirit and will help them work through their grief. Being able to see your pet’s signs yourself will lead to healing and understanding that they still visit even from spirit. The books contain my readings from pet spirits and stories from others. Each chapter has a photo of the pet, too.

The Ghosts on a Medium’s Vacation series is a great combination of history and hauntings!  When I vacation, my “guard” is down so ghosts tell me their stories (I don’t go looking for them). These are my own encounters, so you won’t read about them anywhere else! If I can’t discern their identities when I encounter them, I later research to determine who they are. Plus, you’ll learn the history of the locations. Each chapter features photos of locations, and sometimes a sketch of the ghost I encountered!  The Ireland book also contains links to 1 minute videos I filmed in each location.

The Ghosts and Spirits series encompasses my encounters with Earthbound Ghosts (including on paranormal investigations) and with spirits who crossed into the light (like my own relatives, and others’ friends and relatives).  As a career scientist, I explain the paranormal in terms of energy with many explanations. My Lessons Learned book is a Paranormal Q&A for any question you can think of- and my understanding of answers. 

 Q: When in your life did you realize that you could see & speak to pets and people who have passed on?

A: When I was a teenager, my grandfather appeared to me in full color about 7 months after he died (I went to his wake), and it scared the heck out of me! I learned that my mom, her father (my grandfather who appeared) and others in the family have the gift. It was 4 decades later in 2005 when my 7-month-old puppy Buzz was tragically killed by a car, that he reawakened my abilities and taught me many ways pets communicate from spirit.   

Q: What lessons do you hope readers learn after reading each of your paranormal series? 

A: Our physical life is just one part of a two-part journey. Also, it’s all about energy. In the physical we are beings of energy: cells split, and reproduce, the body heals and changes. Our thoughts are electrical impulses that can be measured. I explain that energy has to go somewhere because of a law we have in science called the “Law of Conservation of Energy.” That law says energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. So, I’ve learned that after the physical body dies, the energy within couples with our memories, personality and knowledge and chooses to cross over into the light (heaven, paradise, valhalla, etc.) or stay earthbound as a ghost (not a wise decision).  I teach people what I’ve learned about their existence, communications and more. There’s more to life than just here on earth.

 Q: As a Catholic I am told by other Catholics that animals don’t have souls. Though some say that they believe that they do. What do you say to those who don’t believe that animals don’t have souls? 

 A: I’m a former Catholic and I’ve heard that. Honestly, it makes me crazy when someone says only humans have souls. Animals are not mindless zombies that just happen to think, love and care for each other.  

Every living thing has a soul. A soul is physical energy coupled with memories, personality and knowledge of a life lived. Yes, even insects have souls, too. Every living thing does. There’s even energy in plants (scientists can measure it). 

Animals lived and died on earth long before humans appeared (and messed it up!). Animals know how to care for others, seek shelter, find food, defend themselves, play with others, make friends, and love unconditionally. Humans could learn a lot from them.  

When it comes to the afterlife, animals are much wiser than people. As a dog dad, I know a dog or any animal can sense peace, love and a safe environment, and that’s what the light is to the other side, so 99% cross over. 

Only humans are too untrusting, skeptical and sometimes too frightened to cross over because of any transgressions they did while living, so they opt to stay behind stuck as an earthbound ghost in a place they knew or died in, only to find themselves isolated to the point of near insanity because only mediums who happen upon them can hear them. 

Q: What is it like communicating with the dead? I know its probably amazing yet terrifying especially if there is an evil spirit or worse a demon. 

A: After I got through the initial scare with my grandfather, and another scare of living in a haunted house while attending college (I didn’t know it when I rented the room), I realize they’re just people or animals. They reach out to either ask for help (earthbound ghosts) or offer comfort (spirits who crossed over).In almost 2 decades of paranormal investigations, I’ve run into a couple of human ghosts with bad attitudes and gruff personalities (they keep those personalities as ghosts, but reform when they cross over). I’ve never met a demon, and don’t really believe in them. I think they are entities from another solar system whom passed away and can travel anywhere as a spirit (as anyone can), and when they see people they are frightened by them so they behave defensively like a cornered wild animal. After all, according to NASA in 2024, there are over 5,000 confirmed exoplanets *planets in other solar systems) discovered in our galaxy alone (and there are countless galaxies, and zillions of solar systems).  We’ve already found water, amino acids and carbon in our own solar system, and those are life’s building blocks. So Earth is certainly not the only place with life in the cosmos.

 Q: Are you currently writing your next paranormal series? If so, would you please reveal any details?

A:  I have 7 more books in the queue! 4 are in the Ghosts and Spirits series. One is Book 2 of Paranormal Investigations with Inspired Ghost Tracking. Another is Kindred Spirits 2, because the spirit I befriended (and never met in life) continues to communicate with me and teach me how spirits communicate with their loved ones (He also helped me solve the mystery of his death in book 1). There’s one more Pets and the Afterlife book down the road, and Ghosts of Edinburgh, Scotland and Ghosts of the U.S. East Coast on a Medium’s vacation are all in the works! I plan to publish 1 per year. 

I’ve been teaching Paranormal courses in two adult education schools in northern New England and will continue that. I also give fundraising lectures for animal rescues (who just must ask) with my “Pets and the Afterlife” lecture. 

All my books are available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle or audiobook, and my website is I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked In, YouTube, Threads and write a weekly blog on my website!