Q&A With Rachel Van Dyken

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Q&A With Rachel Van Dyken 

To start off this week is a Q&A with The New York Times, USA Today & Wallstreet Journal Bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken. Rachel writes contemporary and regency romance novels, many of which are a part of a series. Some of her series are Bachelors of Arizona, Consequence, Curious Liaisons, & London Fairytales. Her latest release Exposing the Groom which is available now on paperback and kindle unlimited. 

Q: What do you enjoy about writing regency and contemporary romance novels? 

A: I started in Regency because it’s what I was really enjoying reading and I find historical novels extremely fascinating. When I started writing contemporary it was more or less the same reason, real life is fascinating too and when you can weave in real world problems along with a fantastic love story, then it makes all the hard work pay off.

Q: When did you know that you had a talent and calling to be an author? Who in your family and friends group were the most supportive when it came to chasing your dream and realizing your talent? 

A: I was actually sitting at work, I was a school counselor at the time and in between clients I’d start jotting down words or story ideas, it got even worse where my brain wouldn’t shut off. I always say I was a reader first and still am, it was my only escape and then it became my own personal form of therapy. My grandma was actually the most supportive along with my parents. I really didn’t have anyone who said I shouldn’t write, I think the most shocking thing to me was that friends still looked at it like a hobby so I had to really set up boundaries even with people close to me so they understood I had normal work hours. 

Q: Where is your favorite spot or spots to plot, write and edit your work? 

A: I LOVE writing outside and writing in front of the fireplace. I know it’s horrible for my back but there’s something about being outdoors when your job is so isolating. During the winter I love watching it snow, drinking a glass of wine, and sitting in front of the fire. 

Q: Would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I a little bit about your latest release Exposing The Groom is about? How did you come up with the concept for it? 

A: Exposing the Groom actually started as a minor joke with my reading group. Someone posted a Reddit article where this girl read cheating texts between her fiancé and one of her bridesmaids for her vows and I was like I have got to write that book. So I busted out around two chapters and then two turned into three and then I begged my team to allow me to find a place for it on my schedule. Basically, Scarlett, the bride, calls him out in front of everyone and then goes to her own reception and starts drinking her champagne when she meets the famous Rockstar, Killian. She begs him to sing for her—which he does, and he basically takes her away from the wedding, they have one blissful evening together and because of the PR nightmare since everything went viral, never spoke to each other again. I should mention that the priest marrying her was her ex-boyfriend so she’s got a lot going on. A year later and her baby sister is marrying her ex-fiance, the priest is her new best friend, she has a turtle named Chuck, and once she gets the invite to her sister’s wedding drunkenly texts Killian and invites him to be her plus one. What she doesn’t know is that he’s already been booked to go, what happens next is a comedy of errors that I think will make everyone laugh. 


Q: What is your plotting process like when you create fictional worlds and characters? Do you use bits and pieces of the real world and places? 

A: I actually used a real winery when I wrote Exposing The Groom, I always ask permission though to use real places, most are fictional. But I like pulling from both when I write. And I’m a total pantser. 

Q: If you’re working on new projects now, are you writing a new series, a standalone book or any of your current series?

A: Right now I have two surprise books I’m writing as well as a fantasy novel and I’m ending a few series as well. I like to write in multiple genres at a time so I can stay fresh. 

Q: Does Hollywood have any interests or rights to your work? The entertainment industry is severely lacking in new ideas. It wouldn’t hurt them to use great books for original content. 

A: I actually have two book series already optioned, and have already had one of my books made into a movie, The Matchmakers Playbook, you can stream from Passionflix or Amazon Prime.