Q&A With Peter Pontsa

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Q&A With Peter Pontsa

Mickey Mikkelson who’s the publicist to many authors one of whom is The New York Times Bestselling author Tosca Lee, connected me to many authors to do Q&A’s with these past few weeks. Tonight one of the authors Mickey connected me with is Peter Pontsa. Peter is the author of Outfoxed An Inspector William Fox Adventure. Below is a little blurb about the novel and I find it exciting! 

Outfoxed – An Inspector William Fox Adventure. Outfoxed is a globe-trotting adventure that involves RCMP Inspector William Fox and FBI Agent Patrick Reilly chasing the Foo Dog Triad operating in Hong Kong, and New York City. They have kidnapped Tracy Jordan, an archeologist, who was on the trail of treasure left behind by 15th century explorer Admiral Zheng He.

Q: So Peter, would you care to tell myself and the readers of the blog how you came up with the concept of Outfoxed?

A: My ever-growing interest in ancient history prompted me to write an action story mixed with controversial historical facts. 

One day a good friend, Christopher Bird and I had a conversation about Admiral Zheng He who was believed to be the first to reach the shores of North America. 

His gift of a Gavin Menzies book called 1421 which outlines the voyages of Admiral Zheng He was my inspiration to write this book. Gavin’s book contains mountains of research that sparked the story and led me to wonder, “What if Zheng He really did travel to what is now known as Nova Scotia, and what if… he left treasure?”

Q: Is there a sequel in the works for Outfoxed? Or are you writing a standalone novel at the moment?

A: Yes, there will be a sequel to Outfoxed which I am currently working on. The protagonist, Inspector William Fox and several of the main characters which appeared in the first book will be embroiled in another action adventure with a twist of international spy craft. 

My plan is to write four more William Fox adventures over the next four years.

Q: When did you see that your calling was to be an author?

A: During the years I operated my dental supply business, I shared my knowledge writing dental articles which appeared in many dental journals. I was also an associate publisher for a denturist magazine.

The day after I sold the business, I enrolled myself in a creative writing course. I have always been an avid reader and wanted to try my hand at writing fiction which is a lot more exciting than writing dry dental facts.

Q: What other genres would you explore writing in the future? 

A: For now, I plan on staying in the action-adventure espionage genre with a little touch of romance. I do however enjoy writing poetry and in Outfoxed, I do have a few poems, written by characters in the book.