Q&A With Nicholas Meyer

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Q&A With Nicholas Meyer 

Starting off this week is a Q&A with author, TV/Film writer, & director Nicholas Meyer. Some of Nicholas Meyer’s novels are The Black Orchid, The View From The Bridge, The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols & The Return of the Pharaoh. Nicholas has directed the films Time After Time, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, & Star Trek IV The Voyage Home. Those are just a few out of many films he has either directed and/or written. 


Q: Nicholas what was it like writing and directing for TV and Film? 

A: Writing and directing are two different physical activities.  Writing (unless with a team), tends to be solitary and sedentary, (aside from inspirational walks).  Directing is collegial, familial and exhausting.  The prime requisite for a director is physical stamina and a thick hide.  On the plus side is Orson Welles’ remark, that directing is the biggest set of electric trains any boy (or girl!) has ever been given to play with.

Q: How did you juggle being an author and being a TV/Film writer and director?

A:  I am a gun for hire in most cases and I go where the work is.  

Q: While I know you’ve been writing novels for years, are you still writing novels similar to The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols & Return of the Pharaoh? I like mystery books so I would definitely read them. 

A:  As you can see from the copyrights on The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols and The Return of the Pharaoh, I am still – and will always be – writing.  Words are my safe place.

Q: Do you still write and direct TV and Films or not anymore? If so what are you working on now?  What is your advice to anyone on how to be a great author and TV and Film writer and director? 

A:  There can be no advice on how to be “great”, however that term is defined.  As Shakespeare says, “some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”  To be an artist, the name of the game is SHOWING UP.  You keep coming up to bat. Sometimes, you will strike out, sometime you’ll get on base and once in a while you may hit a home run or even a grand slam. The important thing is to always swing for the fences.

I am currently working on a new novel, a new tv series and a podcast radio serial.

Q: Does Hollywood have the interest or rights to do The Adventure of Peculiar Protocols & The Return of the Pharaoh or any of your other novels? 

A:  Yes, but I’m not at liberty to discuss details at present.

Q: What advice do you give to new authors on how to deal with negativity whether its reviews, online trolls and family and friends who aren’t supportive?

A: The simplest answer is don’t read them, but that’s easier advice to give than to follow.  Bad reviews hurt whether you read them or not. They’re bad for business and they’re bad for the ego, even if they’re dumb.