Q&A With Natasha Sizlo

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Q&A With Natasha Sizlo 

Tonight I have the honor of doing a Q&A with author Natasha Sizlo. Natasha Sizlo is the author of the memoir “All Signs Point To Paris”, which is out now. I can’t wait to read it when I get my hands on it. 


Q: When did you realize that being an author was your calling?



A: First off, thank you so much for featuring me! I’m honored. To answer your question, I was going through a significant life change and decided to go on a journey to Paris to find my soulmate based on an astrology reading, which is what All Signs Point to Paris is about. In 2019 I started writing about the events in my life as they were happening on Instagram – not because I was planning to write a book, but because I was trying to find my soulmate. I fully believed that if I detailed on social media (and lots of other places) who I was looking for and why – every man I could find born in Paris on November 2, 1968 – somebody somewhere might lead me to him. So Instagram is how I started sharing this story, and everything grew from there. In hindsight I have realized I was processing through my writing my grief over my father’s death and also what happens when the life you thought you’d have has fallen away. I was a magazine writer and editor in my 20’s but gave up the dream of being a writer many years ago when my magazine folded and I switched careers. It was not until my astrologer told me my “point of destiny” was to tell a story and then a literary agent miraculously discovered me through social media that I was brave enough to consider revisiting my childhood dreams of being a writer. I couldn’t believe it, but all signs pointed to just that!  Four years later, I am a published author with a memoir called All Signs Point to Paris. I guess my astrologer was right!


Q: What made you want to write your memoir now? 

A: I decided to write it as a book during the pandemic to remind myself of the power of hope, love, and magic during dark times. All Signs is about grief and sisterhood, heartbreak and hope, heart-stopping make-out sessions, following the stars and taking charge of your destiny, and, at its core, about being open to a little magic. It is essentially about how the most brutal years of my life turned into the most magical and fun year of my life, and I couldn’t help but want to share it. This story is about connection, community, and a gentle reminder that no one is ever alone.


Q: What was your favorite place in Paris? 


A: My favorite physical location would have to be the Shakespeare and Co bookstore. It’s steeped with history and pure magic. My writers’ heart almost jumped out of my chest there! But to be honest, my real favorite spot in Paris was beside my sister and two best friends who travelled across the world to support my wild search for love. I could be stuffed into a tiny elevator or standing in a rain puddle with those women beside me and it would be the most perfect spot in the world.


Q: What’s your favorite French food?


A: I love all French food but the crepes at Breizh Cafe in the Marais are absolutely to die for! Known for the best Breton-style buckwheat galettes and sweet crêpes in Paris, this place did not disappoint.


Q: In your Amazon bio you’ve written for publications like CosmopolitanDetour and Variety. That’s quite an impressive list. What advice do you give others who may want to send their work into those famous publications? What was it like writing for those publications?


A: I was a magazine writer and editor in my early twenties and let me be fully honest — it was hard!  I spent more time pitching stories than writing stories for many, many years! And then there was a lot of ‘perfect timing’ and ‘luck’ involved in getting my first pieces published. I would say my first piece of advice is, don’t let rejection discourage you. Every “no” gets you closer to the “yes”! Just keep trying. Also, as a writer, make sure that you define what success means for you. Getting published in a magazine or writing a book are both markers of success, but they aren’t the only ones. Here are some others: finishing a draft that you can show to a trusted friend of critique partner. Learning to truly love the editing process. Writing a sentence that you’re happy with. 


Q: You’re a real estate agent by day and by night an author. What’s it like juggling both of those careers?


A: I love my job as a real estate agent and it’s been an absolute joy juggling both careers. Helping my clients find “home” is incredibly rewarding. I have met the most amazing people through the publication of All Signs and many of them are now real estate clients! Even though I am based in Los Angeles I help people all around the world buy, sell and rent homes. Thanks to the book, my real estate career is now busier than ever! It’s been beautiful to bridge both careers and I’m so grateful for all my blessings. If you are looking to buy or sell, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I got you!



Q: Are you writing a new novel right now? If so, is it another non-fiction novel or are you trying your hand at fiction?


A:  I’m actually working on a couple of books (too soon to talk about them but they’re both very fun!) one fiction and one non-fiction. Stay tuned!