Q&A With Michelle Moran

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Q&A With Michelle Moran 

Almost two years ago, I was delighted to hear that New York Times Bestselling historical fiction writer Michelle Moran agreed to do a Q&A with me. Michelle has written the novels Nefertiti, The Heretic Queen, The Second Empress, Madam Tussaud, Mata Hari’s Last Dance, Cleopatra’s Daughter, and Rebel Queen

Q: At what point did you realize that writing historical fiction was your calling?

A: When I was in college. I had just come back from an archaeological dig in Israel and the experience completely changed me. Before then I had been writing fantasy. But something about being on that archeological dig made me wonder if perhaps I shouldn’t be writing about history instead, given how much I loved it.

Q: What was your favorite historical period to write about? I loved “Nefertiti,” and “The Heretic Queen”. 

A: Ancient Egypt! It is absolutely my dream to return to writing Egyptian fiction soon. 

Q: I know you wrote a book about Maria Von Trapp. When next year does the novel come out? 

A: July 30, 2024! Very excited about this book, since I have been a Sound of Music fan for as long as I can remember.

Q: Are you writing a new novel now? If so, which period will it take place in? Will you go back to Ancient Egypt or the French Revolution? Or will you write in a whole new and different era?

A: Yes, but unfortunately, I can talk about it because I haven’t signed the contract yet. I can tell you, however, that it will be set in England before WW1.