Q&A With Michael Clark

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Q&A With Michael Clark 

Mickey Mikkelson, the publicist to New York Times Bestselling author Tosca Lee, connected me with many authors to do a Q&A with. One of these authors is Michael Clark. Michael Clark’s novels are Hell on High, The Patience of a Dead Man, Dead Woman Scorned & Anger is an Acid.


Q: Tell me what about writing thrillers you enjoy so much?


A: Do you remember the feeling you got when you watched the movie “The Sixth Sense,” and the boy was in the blanket tent and the clothespins started popping off? Well, that’s my favorite feeling—of being scared, yet knowing I am in no danger. I try to capture that in my books. 

When people think of “horror,” some think of monsters, and some think of gore. I like mine, psychological, eerie, and chilling. 


Q: Is it fair to say some of the characters in your novels are based off of people you know in real life? I like it when authors can create people and worlds inspired by real life.  


A: Yes, I think that’s the best way to write. It gives the character a more “three dimensional” personality complete with flaws and unpredictability.


Q: If you are writing something new now, can you reveal a little of what it’s about?



A: Somewhat! I’m writing about a woman from Salem, Massachusetts that lost her childhood friend to a hanging suicide. Years later after a rash of similar deaths, she begins to think they are all related and begins to investigate. Is Salem cursed?