Q&A With Marisa Meltzer

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Q&A With Marisa Meltzer 

I have the honor and privilege to do this Q&A with author and journalist based out of New York City Marisa Meltzer. Marisa is the author of Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution In Music, This Is Big, How Sassy Changed My Life which she co-wrote with Kara Jesella and her upcoming novel Glossy coming out this month. As for Marisa’s journalism career she has written for The New York Times, New Yorker, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine & Vogue and many more. 

Q: Marisa would you like to talk about your upcoming release Glossy and what made you want to write it?


A: I wanted to write the kind of book I wanted to read! About a company founded by a woman, and a company whose products were made for women. 

Q: You mainly write non-fiction would you ever consider writing fiction in the future? 

A: I have only written nonfiction. I love reading fiction–I’m rereading Donna Tartt’s The Secret History right now–but I’m not sure if I would be good at it. 

Q: What is the research process like when writing non-fiction?

A: Talk to everyone and read everything. You never know what will be useful. I found inspiration in Zola’s book The Ladies Paradise but I also found watching old episodes of the MTV show The Hills that Emily Weiss was on very helpful.

Q: Who were/are your biggest supporters of your author and journalism career? When did you know that writing was what you were called to do in life?

A: It took a while to figure it out. I have always loved reading and both of my parents read a lot, too. I was always good at expressing myself through writing and speaking but it wasn’t until my early 20s when I started to write articles. I loved it immediately. 

Q: If it’s not too early to reveal any details what’s the topic of your next book?

A: It’s a biography of Jane Birkin!

Q: It’s so impressive when authors can juggle other things like being a journalist, a screenwriter, a blogger etc. What’s it like writing for famous publications that are The New York Times, New Yorker, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine & Vogue? 

A: Juggling is hard but I like working on different kinds of pieces, from a shorter article to a long book. They are different kinds of investment. I love writing for anyone that will hire me but if Vogue wants to send me to a spa to write about it? I can think of no higher honor!

Q: How would someone go about writing for the publications that you do and what would they have to do to get their pieces submitted? 

A: Start small, maybe with a tiktok account or a newsletter or even an Instagram account with your thoughts or commentary. Once you know what kind of points of view you have, start pitching ideas to publications. Be assertive and persistent but polite. Make your deadlines and don’t make errors!