Q&A With Marie Sutro

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Q&A With Marie Sutro 

My latest guest to do a Q&A with me is award winning and bestselling crime fiction author Marie Sutro. Marie is the author of Dark Associations & Dark Obsessions. Marie is also the host of the podcast Twisted Passages which delves into the worlds that psychological thriller authors create!  

Q: Marie, would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I a little about Dark Associations & Dark Obsessions and where your ideas came from for both novels?

A: They are the first two books in a crime thriller series featuring rookie SFPD Detective, Kate Barnes. In Dark Associations, Kate is drawn into a brutal game of cat and mouse with an insidious serial killer. The case puts a spotlight on unresolved issues from her past, prompting Kate to head to the Pacific Northwest for closure. Dark Obsessions opens with the nearby murder of a young woman, forcing Kate into a race against the clock to save a group of missing girls.

The idea for the first book is rooted in the title. I’ve always been fascinated about how seemingly benign associations with good people can put us in the cross hairs of malignant relationships with very bad people. Years ago, I came across the horrifying realities of sex trafficking. As soon as Kate emerged from her debut, I knew it was the next issue I wanted her to confront.  

Q: Are you currently writing your next novel? If so can you reveal any details or is it too early to say?

A: The third book in the series will be Dark Reckonings. The story starts at the end of the second book, and will seriously threaten the progress Kate has been making toward resolving her personal issues. It also puts her in the middle of the most diabolically twisted crimes imaginable.  

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your books? The entertainment industry needs new content again.

A: There has been interest, but like all things in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of starts and stops to the process. I would love to see the Kate Barnes series adapted for movies/TV. She is a relatable and inspiring character with great adaptability for any medium.

Q: What made you choose to write in the crime fiction genre? If you explored writing in other genres, which would you choose and why?

A: I haven’t had it tested in a lab yet, but I think the interest in crime is hardwired in my DNA. My dad served in the San Francisco Police Department, as did my grandfather and great-grandfather. 

I’ve always been an omnivore when it comes to reading, but it was obvious early on that mystery and crime were my favorite. Growing up, I devoured every mystery I could get my hands on from Encyclopedia Brown to Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, then to Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, and eventually Sherlock Holmes.  

I hope to venture into other genres through short stories. First up would likely be fantasy and sci fi, although I also adore historical fiction. I’d love the opportunity to breathe life into the facts people memorized in high school.

Q: Would you like to tell the readers of the blog and about your podcast Twisted Passages? Which authors have you interviewed on the podcast, and what would be your advice to anyone wanting to start a podcast?

A: Twisted Passages is a podcast dedicated to my favorite subgenre! The show delves into the dark and compelling world of psychological thrillers with the authors who write them. I absolutely love exploring the riveting twisted passages that keep us on the edge of our seats.

The show recently debuted with the amazingly talented Sarah Bonner. Next up is the fantastic dark academia writer, and real-life psychologist, RJ Jacobs. Guest slots have been filling up faster than anticipated and the caliber of the guests is outstanding. I can’t wait to record the next episode!

The advice I’d offer for podcasting is the same I’d offer for any new venture—find someone with experience to learn from. I’m lucky enough to be part of Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. Pam Stack and Dan White have been wonderful mentors. I have also spent a good deal of time researching other shows to determine what works best for me. There are plenty of talented professionals who are willing to help.

Q: Where is your favorite spot to sit down and plot, write and edit your work?

A: When I wrote my first book, I was very regimented. My favorite spot was sitting in one particular chair at my dining room table. Now I’ve become a bit of a vagabond. I’ll write anywhere, whether standing at my kitchen island or sitting in a noisy café.

When it comes to editing, my go-to is the big leather chair in my living room. Something about the dark fabric makes it all the easier to slip into word slasher mode.