Q&A With Lisa Unger

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Q&A With Lisa Unger  

Today I’m doing a Q&A with Lisa Unger, the New York Times bestselling author of twenty novels of psychological suspense, including LAST GIRL GHOSTED and CONFESSIONS ON THE 7:45, which is in development at Netflix. Her newest novel SECLUDED CABIN SLEEPS SIX comes out November 8th

 Q: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to write murder mystery thrillers like you do?  

A: All writers are readers first. And the chances are good that if you want to write crime fiction then you are also reading mysteries and thrillers. So, my advice is to keep reading the books you love and study the people who are doing it best. When it’s time for you to write your novel, write the book that you want to read. Don’t follow trends or try to imitate those authors you most admire. Find your authentic voice, the story you want to tell, and then write the book that keeps you engaged with your characters, involved in the plot, and excited to see what happens next. If you can give that to yourself as a writer, hopefully you can give it to your readers, as well.  

Q: Which books did you have more fun writing? Which books were more challenging write? 

A: Haha! That seems like a trick question! All of my novels are fun to write on some days and challenging to write on others. The writing of a novel is a long relationship, like a marriage. And like any authentic, enduring relationship, there are good days and bad days. There are times when you can’t stop the pages from flowing, and hours when you stare at your screen and wondering what will happen next – will anything happen next? Your characters might infuriate you. You might fall in love with one of them. The stories they tell, or the choices they make, might surprise you. The experience of writing a novel is never just one thing. That’s the magic and the struggle of it. 

 Q: I saw in your Instagram bio “Confessions on the 7:45,” is coming to Netflix. Did they start filming yet? Who did they cast? When should we expect to see it on Netflix?  

 A: Yes! I am so thrilled to share that Golden Globe-nominated actress Jessica Alba will star in the Netflix series based on my novel CONFESSIONS ON THE 7:45. The brilliantly-talented, Oscar-winning writer of “Encanto” Charise Castro Smith is currently working on the screenplay. And, unfortunately, that’s all the news I have about this at the moment. I hope to have more to share very soon. So stay tuned! 

 Q: Are any more of your books being made into a movie or TV. series?  

 A: At the moment there’s nothing else in development. But that could change – so stay tuned for more news on that, as well. 

 Q: What were your favorite books you’ve read so far this year? 

 A:  I am always reading multiple books at once – some for research, some sent to me by authors and editors for blurbs, others just because I want to read. I don’t like to choose favorites because I have so many talented friends and I would hate to leave anyone out. But I loved THE IT GIRL by Ruth Ware, THE OVERNIGHT GUEST by Heather Gudenkauf, ANYWHERE YOU RUN by Wanda Morris, and ENTANGLED LIFE by Merlin Sheldrake.  

 Q: When you agreed to do this Q&A with me you mentioned that you have two upcoming releases. Can you spoil what they are about?  

 A: My twentieth novel SECLUDED CABIN SLEEPS SIX will release on November 8th. It’s about three couples – a brother and sister, their spouses, a family friend and her mysterious new boyfriend – who rent a luxury cabin deep in the woods for a weekend of rest and to disconnect from their busy modern lives. Each of them is hauling a lot of baggage in the form of secrets and lies. And out in the shadows, just out of sight, there’s a stranger lurking, someone who’s running a dark agenda of revenge. As a storm is brewing, and one member of the party goes missing, the dreamy weekend turns into a nightmare. I hope you love it! 

In addition to writing my 21st novel, I am also working on a short story and a novella. I’m not ready to talk about any of those projects yet, but if you follow me in social media, you’ll be the first to know when I’m ready to announce. 

Thanks for reading!