Q&A With Lexi Blake

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Q&A With Lexi Blake 

Another Q&A this week is with the New York Times Bestselling author of Masters & Mercenaries series and its many spin off series. Other series outside of them are The Texas Sirens, Nights In Bliss Colorado, Butterfly Bayou. Under her Sophie Oak name is A Faery Story trilogy. 


Q: Lexi, what made you want to write in the romance genre? 


A: I’ve loved romance all my life. I was a reader from a very young age. My parents were heavy readers so it was common in my house growing up. My mother loved romance and when I was around fourteen I picked up a historical romance and never looked back. 

Q: What’s your advice to anyone wanting to write a great romance like you do?

A: Don’t be afraid to work through your own issues when you’re writing. Put yourself—your deeply held beliefs, your insecurities, your past—on the page. I’ve found writing is excellent therapy and I connect with readers when I’m honest about myself. 

Q: What are you currently writing under your Sophie Oak and Lexi Blake names? 

A: I’m working on the next book in my Thieves series—The Rebel Witch. As soon as I’m done with that, I’ll dive back into the Sophie world with either a Bliss or Texas Sirens book. 

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your work? The entertainment industry is in need of original content again. 

A: I’ve had a series optioned to shop before but nothing came of it. I’d love to see anything I’ve written on film and hope to try again once the strike is over. I’ve actually finished my first screenplay and I’m excited to get out there and try to get it sold. 

 Q: Are any of the places and characters in your stories taken from bits and pieces of real people and places? It’s amazing how authors can use bits of reality or anything really to create a great story. 

A: I think taking inspiration from real life is an excellent way to find a story. It doesn’t have to be a real reflection, just a jumping off point. For example I have a friend who is a little on the eccentric side. He can be a bit paranoid and loves a good conspiracy theory. I used him as a model for a character in my Bliss series. He’s not as wild as Mel Hughes, but the character is an exaggeration of my friend. I do that a lot. I also love to travel and to use the places I’ve been to in books. 

Q: Where is your favorite spot or spots where you sit down and plot, write and edit your work?

A: I’m happiest in my office. It’s got everything I need. It’s painted in my favorite colors and has the perfect amount of light. When I’m traveling, the place I miss the most is my office. There’s something comforting about writing with three sleeping dogs draped across the beds I keep for them in my office.