Q&A Kristy Woodson Harvey

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Q&A With Kristy Woodson Harvey  


Hi everyone! I am doing another Q&A with author Kristy Woodson Harvey. Kristy Woodson Harvey recently released her new novel, “The Wedding Veil,” back in March of this year, “Under the Southern Sky,” and the “Peachtree Bluff” series.  


Q: “The Wedding Veil,” was my first time reading from you. Which scenes were your favorite to write? Which scenes did you have the most fun writing? Which scenes were difficult to write?  


A: I’m so happy you found me! Thank you so much! I absolutely loved losing myself in Biltmore Estate research, so writing Cornelia and Edith Vanderbilt was so fun! At the beginning of the novel, both Cornelia and Babs, the present-day grandmother, were going to be lesser characters, but then I ended up loving them so much they got more story time. In general, though, diving into writing real historical people was definitely a new challenge. I felt so much pressure to get their stories as correct and accurate as possible. But it was a challenge I loved taking on—and will likely do again! 



Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to any of your novels? I thought I saw somewhere that NBC was going to do your “Peachtree Bluff,” series. I could also see your novel “The Wedding Veil,” become a Hallmark movie.  



A: Yes! All four books in my Peachtree Bluff Series are in development—and we just got some fun new news on that end, which is super exciting. I hope I can share it soon! My debut, Dear Carolina, was optioned as well.  



Q: I read in your authors note with “The Wedding Veil,” that this was the first time you mixed historical fiction with contemporary fiction. Would you write historical fiction again? If so which era would you choose to write?  


 A: Absolutely! My 2024 novel is set in present day and the 1960s and 70s. What I have planned for 2025 has a historical component as well, but I’m not positive what the exact time period will be yet. I love writing about the past and can definitely see myself doing a Gilded Age or another Roaring Twenties novel, like The Wedding Veil. Honestly, it’s the stories I’m interested in, and the time period follows! That said, after all the research I did into the 1920s and 1930s for The Wedding Veil, I would feel very confident tackling that time period again. 


Q: Can you spoil a little bit about the book you are writing now? I know I saw you post about it in your stories.  



A: Absolutely! THE SUMMER OF SONGBIRDS releases April 25, 2023 and is about three best friends who bond together to save the summer camp where they met. But… it’s also full of personal struggles, ethical dilemmas, and plenty of secrets! And two of my favorite love stories I’ve ever written! 



Q: What were your favorite books you read this year so far?  



A: How much time do you have? J Recently, I loved THE HOTEL NANTUCKET by Elin Hilderbrand, THE HOMEWRECKERS by Mary Kay Andrews, MARY JANE by Jessica Anya Blau, THE MAGIC OF LEMON DROP PIE by Rachel Linden, and I just started ROOM AND BOARD by Miriam Parker.  



Q: What advice would you give to someone who aspiring to be an author?  


A: When I decided to start writing, I went to meet with one of my creative writing professors from college, and he gave me the best advice: The worst thing that can happen is that you get published too soon. I really carried that with me and know now that, once you get published, all your work follows you, so you want to make sure every book is your best book. I remember that rushed feeling like I needed to hurry up and get published, hurry up and get going on this career, so that advice soothed me many times! I hope it helps someone else.