Q&A With K.T. Anglehart

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Q&A With K.T. Anglehart

Another author Mickey Mikkelson connected me with is author K.T. Anglehart. K.T. is the author of the books The Wise One & the sequel The Twin Flame coming out this November. 

Q: K.T. would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I a little bit about The Wise One & The Twin Flame?  Is it correct to assume that both books are a mix of magic and historical fiction?

A: They certainly are! Mckenna’s story takes place in 1991, during the time of The Troubles in Ireland. I like to call it “retro” fiction because it’s funny calling the 90s historical (makes me feel old).

The Wise One and The Twin Flame are the first two books in The Scottish Scrolls series. In short, the story follows a teenager who, on her seventeenth birthday, learns she has innate magical gifts, passed down by her mother. Accompanied by a newfound friend, she journeys to Ireland in search of answers and finds herself as the bridge to a realm of spirits, witches, faeries—and a dark prophecy.


Q: Where did the idea come from in writing The Wise One & The Twin Flame?

A: The series is a fusion of my childhood passions: Harry Potter, Charmed, faeries, myths, and the countless teen books I devoured! Originally, it was a TV script I created for a screenwriting class during my Master’s in Creative Writing. But I couldn’t bear the thought of it gathering dust in an agent’s slush pile, so I transformed it into a book for my thesis project.

I knew the story had to have that witchy charm and be set in the enchanting landscapes of Ireland and the UK. Actually, I was outlining The Wise One while on my honeymoon with my partner, Andy, in Ireland and Scotland. Being there, immersed in history, culture, folklore, and those surreal landscapes, truly fueled the story. These places have always had an inexplicable pull on me (perhaps a whisper from a past life). As someone who believes in the magic of nature, the book revolves around our planet’s care, aligning with the prophecy woven into the story. 

Q: Are you writing the third book right now in The Scottish Scrolls series? How many books do you intend to have in the series?

A: I have a rough outline of the third book, but I haven’t started writing it yet. My plan is to dive headfirst into it this winter and get it out as soon as possible because I’m incredibly excited about this one. It’s significantly more fantastical than the previous books, and I find crafting new worlds exhilarating. 

As for how many…TBD!

Q: If Hollywood were to get the rights to your series (if they haven’t yet) who would be your dream cast to play the characters you created?

A: Oh, man, I’ve thought about this a lot! Okay, so first of all, I love a good, fresh set of undiscovered talent. That said, I do have some specific looks in mind when it comes to Mckenna, my protagonist. I’m picturing a teen version of the singer Lorde, with her penetrating eyes and gothic appeal. I’m also seeing a Nicole Kidman type for our villain, the stunning and powerful High Priestess; as for McKenna’s dads, the charming Irish actor, Adam Fergus, as Seán, and the always sexy Karamo Brown as Andre.

Q: Where is your favorite spot to sit down and research, plot, write, and edit your work? 

A: I wish I had a much more exciting and whimsical answer to this, like “the enchanting woods by my home” or “in my room full of books and crystals” but the truth is, I like to crouch over my laptop on my couch, with my dog, Nessie, curled up beside me. 

Q: Do you use bits and pieces of real people and places to create your characters and fictional worlds?

A: The locations in The Wise One and The Twin Flame are all places my husband and I visited during our honeymoon and left a lasting impression on us. Some of these spots are rooted in local folklore, which I (of course) integrated into the story. 

During our second trip to Scotland a couple of years ago, we discovered even more magnificent spots that will be featured in the third book of the series. I’ll say no more for now!

Q: If you were to experiment in writing in different genres, which genres would they be and why?

A: Hmm…this may sound unusual coming from a YA urban fantasy writer, but I love legal dramas. While I’m not entirely sure if I could successfully write one, the thought of doing so is quite exciting. I’d also try my hand at magical realism—not that that veers too far off from my current genre, but it’s definitely more grounded in reality…less about saving the world and more about capturing the essence of everyday life, with a twinge of mysticism for good measure.