Q&A With Jax Cassidy

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Q&A With Jax Cassidy 

Another author who I have the pleasure of doing a Q&A with this week is with USA Today Bestselling Author of romance Jax Cassidy. Jax has written several paranormal & young adult books. 

Q: Jax I love reading romance and I know you enjoy writing them. Out of all the genres to write in, what made you fall in love with writing romance particularly? 

A: I fell in love with writing romances the first time I read one in middle school!

I was a voracious reader as a kid and always used my lunch money to purchase young adult romances from the Scholastic book fair programs that helped motivate students to read. My favorites were the Sweet Valley High series and the many paperbacks that are reminiscent of the Harlequin categories. It wasn’t until I discovered Anne of Green Gables that it planted the seeds of becoming a romance author in the future. Maybe largely due to the quirky character of Anne. Of course, I had to set my dreams aside as I entered college, and then had adulting obligations.

Come to think of it, I have been weaving fairytales and scribbling 10–20-page love stories since I was like five. I’d kept stacks of these little stories I’d written for quite a while until I lost them in my frequent moves.

I always thought I’d become a screenwriter, but it wasn’t until 2003 that I decided to stop writing romcoms and try my hand at writing romances. I’d been such a huge fan of the romance genre for ages. Yet, I hadn’t expected that screenplays to novels would be one of the hardest transitions. Writing dialogue was so much easier for me than the depth and breadth of storytelling in romance fiction. 

It was worth the sleepless nights, and I’m still humbled that my very first writing submission for a contest was published. I’ll be forever grateful to Amber Quill Press and Phaze Publishing for my start in publishing. They were ahead of their time with a vision that someday E-Books would take over the world! Sadly, they closed like many E-Publishers during a volatile time in publishing.

Q: When did you know that being an author was your calling in life?

A: I feel I’ve always known writing was my calling. Some things you can’t explain. It’s as natural as a heartbeat.

Q: Do you have any upcoming releases & are you currently writing anything new? If so, can you reveal any details?

A: I took a long hiatus for a lot of personal reasons, but every so often I would secretly write a few pages as therapy. After a while I started to doubt my writing skills, so I decided to start a few chapters of a book called BENT NOT BROKEN that I put up on Wattpad. I was writing it mainly for myself and it was starting to have traction until I had some health-related issues I had to deal with. Not long ago I started to pick it back up again. I’m obsessed with my character’s love story, and I feel it deserves to be put out into the world. It’s my passion project. In fact, the first three chapters are available on Wattpad. I’m planning a fall/winter 2024 release.

In addition, I have several other projects I’ve been working on simultaneously. One is a contemporary romance with a women’s fiction feel and set in Vietnam around the coffee culture. The other is a spiritual poetry book. As I’m maturing as an author, I’ve decided to write everything my heart yearns to write. I’m grateful to have a readership and hopefully I won’t disappoint my readers.

As far as BENT NOT BROKEN, it’s a BIPOC romance between two Asian characters facing their own demons and discovers a unique fated connection that heals and strengthens their relationship. 




I hated myself. 


Hated the fact that I lived…while the person I loved had not.

Things spiraled out of control and I was sent packing to the place where it all began.

While I wrestled with the demons inside of me, I ran smack into—him. 



I hated him.


Hated the fact that Dean was the person I was not.

Where I craved for death, he desired to live. 

While I refused to accept the truth, he forced me to face my fears.

He made me feel again. 

Love again.


When I was lost…Dean had found me.

Now that I wanted to live, he was pushing me away.

If I leave—I risked losing everything all over again.

This time, though, I had a choice. 

I could save his dreams…and our love.


CONTENT WARNING: PG-13. This story references attempted suicide, alcohol use, and language that could be a trigger for some readers.


Q: If & when Hollywood gets the rights to your work, who would be the cast to play the characters you created? We really need new material in Hollywood instead of remakes, reboots, sequels, spinoffs & prequels.

A: I agree with you, Hollywood definitely, needs new material!

My heroine NIX is very special to me, so I never really thought about who would be able to play her well. I think Anna Cathcart from XO, Kitty might work, but it would be interesting to see her take on a little bit of a darker role.

As for Dean, I think Paul Ahn aka Ahn Hyo-Seop would kill the role. He’s mostly known for his K-dramas but is an extremely talented actor and singer.


Anna Cathcart - IMDb actor Ahn Hyo ...


Q: In your opinion, what makes the perfect romance story & what advice do you give anyone wanting to write romance?

A: I feel a perfect romance absolutely needs to have a happily-ever-after. None of those vague “they might end up together” type ending. I’m also a sucker for meet cutes and any romantic scenarios that show the growing connection between hero and heroine. I also feel it needs to tug at your heartstrings, makes you tear up when the romance blossoms and you feel like a voyeur in someone else’s experience. There’s this beautiful thread that’s woven between the initial awkwardness of attraction and the culmination of the kiss that turns into a solid relationship.

My advice to any writer is to read. At least read the genre you love and the author whose voice resonates with you. There’s a reason why you love their storytelling, it’s because you can embrace all the senses found in romance. It’s not about emulating them in your writing because you need to discover your own voice, which comes with time, practice, and experience. It took me years to figure out what my writing voice was, because I focused too much on listening to outside influences. This only made me confused and frustrated. There’s so much pressure to follow trends or change your style to fit what you think audiences would like. The truth is that readers are savvy, and they know exactly what they like. Just write. You will find your tribe.

The publishing climate is so different than 20 years ago and you just have to be passionate and protective when it comes to your personal style. I had a lot of difficulty finding the right editor because most of them didn’t get my writing voice. E-Publishers and small press publishers took chances and were open and welcoming to unique writing voices, so I truly loved my experience with them. As far as my own style goes, it’s a little bit lyrical, maybe even poetic, mixed with contemporary. Not a hard sell back then. 

My second piece of advice is to never stop learning, take workshops, and get involved with your writing community. Most importantly, the more stories you write, the more you grow.

Q: Where do the ideas for your stories come from? Do you use bits of real people & places to create your fictional characters & worlds?

A: Most of my contemporaries come from my imagination. I actually have way more ideas than books, but I often sprinkle bits and pieces of real life, people, places or experiences to lend authenticity to the story. I’m also big on research. I usually become infatuated and fall down the rabbit hole because I get so drawn in by the information. I love seeing the details within the images and it inspires me to paint a photograph in the minds of the readers.

Q: How does it feel knowing that your books are on the USA Today Bestsellers List? That sounds like a dream come true! 

A: I’m so proud of that title and it still feels surreal! However, it’s also a double-edged sword. I get imposter syndrome at times, yet it also pushes me to someday achieve the title of New York Times Bestseller. I’ve been manifesting it and I know one day I’m going to obtain it! 

Q: I read on your website that you’ve been traveling, especially living in Paris for 3 years! What was that experience like? It sounds like a dream come true to me. Also have you watched the show Emily In Paris? 

A: It was a complete dream come true! Everything about Paris was amazing. I may not have had an experience like Emily, but it was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to live there. I completely immersed myself in the lifestyle. It felt like a perfect romcom where the heroine always attended intimate dinner parties with friends, roamed the City of Light, indulged in decadent French cuisine, and totally geeked out on Parisian fashion. If I hadn’t been so homesick, I would most likely still be living there now. Every incredible memory is still locked away in my heart.