Q&A With Glen Benevides

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Q&A With Glenda Benevides

One of my many guests Mickey connected me with is Glenda Benevides who is an award winning singer songwriter & Grammy considered Recording Academy member. Glenda has also sung and performed for the South African Film Festival in Cannes, France! It sounds so exciting! 

Q: Glenda which artists have you written songs for? It all sounds so impressive!

A: As far as artists I have written for no one specifically, although I invited Steve Smith from Dirty Vegas who joined me in several songs I wrote off my Mirror Speaks The Truth project. 

Q: What’s it like performing songs at different festivals?

A: I am not sure what you mean exactly but festivals are wonderful opportunities to connect with a larger part of humanity in the flesh. As a full time artist the key is to make great music, touch people’s hearts and minds with the song and tell an intimate story that can move. Most real artists want to serve others while creating a living. Performing and continuing the craft and being paid. It feeds itself to thrive. Traveling the world, sharing your music live, is like skydiving. When you jump out the plane you know your choice will be met with uncertainty and yet an exhilarating thrill. New audience, new culture creates connection, love and communion. There’s nothing like sharing your gifts with others to uplift. The bravery starts with jumping out the plane into the world. 

Q: Since you performed in Cannes France for the South Africa Film Festival, what’s it like being in both France and South Africa? Both places I hear about are beautiful! 

A: I Love Cannes and France! It was an honor to be asked to perform for the private event for the South African Film Festival. It was in a beautiful chateau up in the mountains of Massif de l’Esterel. It was dreamy and also exciting to see lot’s of famous actors like Richard Gant for one, in the audience. It was a fabulous glamorous night!

Q: What advice do you give anyone wanting to write any songs?

A: I would say… just start! Listen to other artists that inspire you lyrically or musically. Take a class learning the art and form of writing music, then throw it away. Do you and just jump! One last thing. Go out and live life, have experiences, listen to the culture around you, write about what you feel, what hurts. Remember to write about what you’re inspired by. You never know who might need to hear what you have to say. Never be afraid to write your stories. You never know who’s life you might save by sharing.