Q&A With G.S. Gerry

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Q&A With G.S. Gerry

Mickey Mikkelson connected me with author G.S. Gerry who is my next guest to do this Q&A with me. G.S. Gerry is the author of Hysterical Hangouts with The Hindlegs which is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and Meth Murder & Amazon. G.S. Gerry is also a cyber-security expert, tattoo enthusiast and a Navy Veteran.  

Q: Gerry would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I about Hysterical Hangouts & Meth Murder Amazon and where did you get the ideas for them?

A: My plots are based on true life, real world scenarios I’ve encountered throughout my life. I sold my first house back in 2019 and along the way, a cataclysm of unbelievable events befall my family. What should have taken 30 days to list and sell the home takes over 6 months in an unimaginable journey of assassins, real estate, meth, murder & Amazon. 

The title and all the events that happened within Meth Murder & Amazon are true life. The father, Derald Grake, worked for Amazon Web Services. During an open house, there was a body that was found under the bed in the guest room. The real estate assassins accused him of murder and then 4 days later of making meth in his garage a la Heisenberg. While concealing the names and places of the story, all of the events within the book factually happened. There is even photographic evidence provided in each chapter to add legitimacy to the entire story.

My second book, ‘Hysterical Hangouts with The Hindlegs’ is 100% fiction.  I do use my own experiences of being married to my wife for 18 years and some of the funny scenarios I’ve personally dealt with in meeting her family, which includes her three brothers, four sisters, and one hilarious genius of a father-in-law to shape the story.  I wanted this story to feel like you were literally watching a reality show as the events unfold and continue to keep the reader engaged, reminiscing about their own experiences meeting their significant other’s family for the first time.  When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s a magical experience. But part of that experience is being indoctrinated into their family and forming relationships with your significant other’s side of the house. Sometimes those relationships and the events that transpire can be out of this world! Family drama and the family dynamics are fascinating. Then you throw into the mix an outsider and you have a recipe for something truly incredible. 

Q: Are you writing another book right now? If so can you reveal any details or is it too early to say?

A: I have a few ideas for a new book, but i have not started writing anything as of yet. I am still trying to determine a direction for the next book.  It could be a sequel to ‘Hysterical Hangouts with The Hindlegs’.  It could be a prequel to ‘Meth Murder & Amazon’.  It could even be something different entirely. 

Q: Is it fair to say that you being a tattoo enthusiast, a cyber-security expert and a Navy veteran influenced your writing?  

A: Absolutely it has, being in the Navy allowed me to experience the uniqueness of military life, with constantly moving and uprooting your family every couple of years.   Tattoos are wonderful at telling a story about you, your life and depicting that for the whole world to see.  Once a tattoo is created and the ink is dry, there is no turning back. I think tattoos should mean something and all of mine have sentimental value, which also serve as conversation starters.  These can range from discussion on my kids, to my faith in God, to even my military service as I have tattoos covering all these topics and more. My role as a cyber-security expert is what led me to become an author in the first place.  As I find myself doing a lot of technical report writing for work, One afternoon I had a customer reach out and tell me their entire report was plagiarized.  This particular report was 450 pages and I prayed that couldn’t be true. Unfortunately, it was true and I had to rewrite the entire report! This particular report was already lengthy, some 450 pages long. Over the course of the 2 plus months it took to correct the report, it grew from 450 pages to 750 pages and afterward I thought to myself, “Man, it feels like I just wrote a novel. That’s it, I am going to write a book!” And that is exactly what I did!

Q: How does it feel having your writing being compared to Hunter S Thomas & Lemony Snicket? I loved Lemony Snicket’s  A Series Of Unfortunate Events as a kid.   

A: Personally, it’s an amazing honor! When I started this journey of being an author, my vision was to create unique experiences that no one could ever expect, anticipate, or predict. I’d say I’ve done a solid job at that as I’ve won 9 awards for my writing so far and had the honor of being compared to Hunter S. Thompson and Lemony Snicket, as well as Robin Williams and Chuck Palahniuk. Anytime someone mentions your name in the same breath as bestselling authors, visionary writers, and household comedians it’s incredible company to be in. 

Q: If Hollywood were to get the rights to you work (if they haven’t already) who would you cast to play the characters you created?

A: Oh man, I LOVE this question. I’ve thought about this a time or two before.  My first book, ‘Meth Murder & Amazon’ would have Ryan Reynolds star as the main character in the story.  His humor and presence would instantly make this a comedic classic!  I’m just envisioning Ryan Reynolds and his family listing his family home for sale and just a hilarious series of unfortunate events he endures, including being accused of murder and cooking meth in his garage. 

The second book, ‘Hysterical Hangouts with The Hindlegs’ recently drew some comparisons to ‘Meet The Parents’, so I think Robert De Niro would be a great actor to play Commodore Ateoff Hindleg.  He is intimidating yet hilarious, which fits the mold of The Commodore to a T. 

Q: Since we’re on the subject, what did you think of the Netflix adaptation of A Series Of Unfortunate Events? I enjoyed it more than that awful 2004 movie that came out. 

A: I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I personally liked how it really took on the Lemony Snicket books and crafted an intriguing and relatable world. My daughters really loved the show and we’ve seen it more than once all the way through.  Anytime they put it on, I definitely catch myself laughing at some of the absurd things that happen to the Baudelaire orphans.

Q: Where is your favorite spot to sit down and plot, write, and edit your work?

A: My writing process is quite unique. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite spot, but I do like being right in the thick of whatever the family is doing when I write.  I actually write the entire first draft of the book on my phone. I know that sounds ridiculous to some folks, but I am constantly on my phone for work and need to keep it close by. So, as inspiration strikes I jot down notes on my phone. That inspiration might lead to a funny character name, or a humorous anecdote to include. But without having the ability to take those thoughts captive very quickly, I’d probably forget some of those quirky aspects. I also create the chapter titles first and then based on the titles, I will build my story from there. I will take shorthand notes for each chapter but I don’t necessarily create an outline. I just write for a couple hours at a time and then revise and update based on how I visualize the story flowing.

Q: Not a question but thank you for your service in The Navy! Many of us appreciate what you’ve done for us!