Q&A With Erin Lynne

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Q&A With Erin Lynne

Erin Lynne is an author who writes romantic comedies that will make you swoon, blush, cry and laugh! It sounds like my cup of tea! I have the pleasure & honor of doing this Q&A with her! Erin’s novels are About That Pact, About That Rule, About That Break, About That Brit, The Longest Wait & That One Night. 

Q: Erin would you please like to talk about each of your novels and where your ideas for all your romantic stories come from?

A: Hi Bianca, super excited to connect today! I am currently working on the About That series, and these stories follow childhood friends who have grown up and are looking for love. About That Pact follows Rafe and Charlotte, who crossed the line in pacts in the past and are now frenemies! Charlotte loses a bet and owes Rafe, and he is determined to win her over. This is a #enemiestolovers with a HEA. The next book, About That Rule, is about two players, Nate and Samantha, who get drunk and get married in Vegas. Loads of laughs in this #friendstolovers story. Next up is About That Break! Noah and Penny start as a one-night stand, but end up loathing each other. This is more angsty, but I promise it has a HEA. The most recent About That book is About That Brit, where Elena needs a new place to live and ends up at Jasper’s penthouse. This #forcedproximity is swoony. 

I am writing the next book in the series, and it has a vineyard, competition, and spice!

I wish I knew where my stories originate. From a young age, I always had an active imagination. 😊

Q: On your blog I noticed you said you started reading romantic stories when you were 14. Would it be fair to say that that was when you knew you wanted to start writing your own stories?

A: I did start reading romance at a young age! I’ve been a booklover for as long as I can remember and always wanted to be part of the magic. 

Q: In your opinion, what are the rules of writing great romance?

A: Love this question! For me, I love to write about women who I’d like to be friends with, men who are droolworthy, and some spice. I also love to tie up the story without cliffhangers (but that’s just me!). 

Q: Are you currently writing your next romantic story? If so, are you allowed to reveal any details or is it too early?

A: Yes, I am writing the next About That series and it’s Oliver and Gabriella’s story. Oliver is hardheaded, and Gabriella is carefree, so this is an #oppositesattract story for sure. 

Q: If you were to write in another genre that wasn’t romance, which genres would you explore and why?

A: I’ve thought about this and have considered a thriller, but I haven’t been able to connect to the storyline. I love the edge of your seat reading, but when I sit down to write, it doesn’t flow for me. 

Q: For any new authors wanting to write, what helpful advice would you give them so they don’t let negative reviews from online trolls, readers who don’t like their books to family and friends who don’t support them stop them from hindering their dreams & goals? 

A: Congratulations, you wrote a book! With anything in life, you can’t make everyone happy, so take it all in stride. Keep the end goal in mind, which is the reason you are motivated to write in the first place. For me, it’s to tell stories that make people smile (and make blush hehe). While this isn’t advice about dealing with negative reviews, trust me when I say to get an editor! 

Q: What is the writing and creative process like when writing your romances and creating your characters? Where is your favorite spot to sit down and plot, write & edit your work?


A: My writing process starts by creating a spreadsheet of the characters so I don’t forget later in the story, then I start writing. After a few chapters, I make an outline of the rest of the story. I will write anywhere, but typically it’s at home on my couch. Not glamorous, but gets the job done!