Q&A With Emily Liebert

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Q&A With Emily Liebert 

This evening I’m doing a Q&A with Emily Liebert the USA Today bestselling author of Facebook Fairytales, You Knew Me When, When We Fall, Those Secrets We Keep, Some Women, Pretty Revenge, and Perfectly Famous. Emily is also a New York Times bestselling celebrity ghostwriter, a television producer, and a travel + books columnist. That is a pretty impressive list. 

Q: At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: I knew I wanted to work in the field of journalism in some capacity from an early age. I’ve always been a storyteller and writing was something that came naturally to me. At first, I thought I’d be on-air, but I quickly realized that the life of a television correspondent was not for me. My first job was working as an assistant to an executive producer at ABC News. I then became the editor-in-chief of a luxury lifestyle magazine for many years. And, ultimately, I decided I wanted to write a book. The rest, as they say, is history.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a writer, especially someone who wants to write mystery thrillers like you?

A: My best advice for prospective writers is to WRITE! You may never feel ready, so seize the day. Think of it in the same way you would working out; you have to exercise those muscles in order to see results. For thriller writing, the key is to have a compelling idea that will propel the plot forward at a fast pace and will present the reader with plenty of twists and turns along the way. I’m also a big fan of reading as much as you can within your own genre. It allows you to see what’s out there and to ensure that your idea is fresh and unique.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone who struggles with writer’s block?

A: Thankfully, I’ve never been an author who struggles with intense writer’s block. There are certainly days when I’m feeling more inspired than others, but—no matter what—I try to put words down on the page, even if they’re not my best words. Writer’s block is a mental obstacle, so if you just start writing something—anything—it’ll get your creative juices flowing. I do think it’s ok to take a day or even a week off every now and again in order to allow your mind to roam freely and to reboot, but after that you have to get back to work.

Q: Where do you get all your ideas to write your novels? 

A: The ideas for my novels are often inspired by my own experiences and those of my friends and family. But I also lift things from conversations I overhear or things I read. It could be the smallest nugget that sparks a concept and then it starts to build from there.

Q: If you’re allowed to share, which celebrities did you ghostwrite for? What is it like ghostwriting for celebrities? 

A: I’ve collaborated with Kerry Kennedy, Teresa Giuduce, and Margaret Josephs. Those books have all been published already. Currently, I’m working on two books that come out in March and April of 2023—one is a fashion designer/CEO and the other is a real estate magnate/TV star—and two others that will likely come out later in 2023 or in early 2024—another TV star and a political powerhouse. I have to keep those four names under wraps for now. I can’t kiss and tell! I will say that I’m truly enjoying collaborating with such different and interesting authors. It appeals to my journalistic side, as writing novels can be very solitary.

Q: What’s it like being a television producer and travel + books columnist on top of being a writer and celebrity ghostwriter? 

A: It’s busy! I just got into TV producing, so that’s been extremely exciting and also a steep learning curve, which I love. Innately, I’m someone who likes to explore new areas that are tangentially connected to my career as an author. I’ve been writing about travel for 20+ years, so that’s been a longtime passion of mine. I relish exploring new places and sharing my experiences with others. As for my book column, that’s a pure pleasure. There’s nothing I enjoy more than promoting my fellow authors and broadcasting their talent. I wish I had more time to read for fun. 

Q: Are you writing a new novel now? If so, can you spoil a little bit of what it’s about?

A: I am currently writing my eighth book and seventh novel. It’s about a young woman who reconnects with the father she never knew after thinking he’d passed away shortly after she was born and how meeting her new “family” changes her life forever.

Q: What were your favorite novels you read so far this year?

A: This is tough! It’s like picking a favorite child. Here are a few novels I very much enjoyed this year: When We Let Go by Rochelle B. Weinstein, Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr, Sister Stardust by Jane Green, The Lobotomist’s Wife by Samantha Greene Woodruff and Four Ways to Wear a Dress by Gillian Libby.

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your novels? 

A: My novel Pretty Revenge is in the process of being adapted for TV!