Q&A With Emily Albright

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Q&A With Emily Albright

Today’s Q&A is with bestselling author Emily Albright. Emily is the author of The Heir and The Spare, Everyday Magic, Perfect Harmony & her upcoming novel Playing with Matches coming out on May 26th. On top of being an author Emily is an editor. 


Q: Would you care to share with the readers of the blog and I a little bit about your books and how you came up with the concept for each of them? 

A: Oh gosh, let’s see, with The Heir and the Spare, I had watched Prince William and Kate’s wedding and saw Prince Harry and wondered how things would be different for him when he fell in love. And that sparked the idea for THATS. Everyday Magic is the companion novel to THATS. I wasn’t quite ready to leave that world and thought Preston’s story would be an interesting one to follow. With Perfect Harmony, I was a band geek in high school and absolutely loved music. I wanted to write a book with music at the heart of it, and I’ve always thought cellos were such beautiful instruments. So, the two came together, and I had a blast writing it. Playing with Matches, I’ve always adored Jane Austen. I’d been toying with the idea of doing a retelling of one of her books for years, and when my agent suggested Emma, I was immediately on board.

Q:  When did you know that being an author was your calling? Who were your biggest supporters among your family and friends that encouraged you to chase your dream and saw your talent? 

A: I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember, but it’d always felt more like a pipe dream than a reality. So, I spent years writing lots of things but never really doing anything with them. Then after my daughter was born, I wrote The Heir and the Spare, and I thought, why not give it a whirl. And by some miracle, I got an agent and then a publisher. I’m still completely floored that it happened. The whole way, my husband has been a huge supporter, encouraging me to keep trying new things and never giving up. And my daughter is my biggest cheerleader and is always willing to brainstorm with me.

Q: Would it be true that the characters within your novels are taken from bits and pieces of people you know in real life? I’m impressed that some authors can use bits of real life whether it is people and places to create fictional worlds and people. 

A: Oh sure, I’ll sometimes take little quirks from people I know and stitch them into my characters. I think it helps them feel more fleshed out. And you’ll often find my pets’ names in my stories as well.

Q: If you deal with writers block, what are ways that you deal with it that could help aspiring authors deal with it? 

A: I don’t usually struggle with writer’s block. I do have times that I don’t want to write, but I think everyone has days like that. I’m not one of those writers who believe you need to write every single day. So, I just let myself relax and do something else that helps fill the creative well, like reading or watching movies. Then when I come back to the computer, I’m usually refreshed and ready to write again. But if I’m still feeling like I don’t want to work, I’ll pull up whatever I’m working on and tell myself, just write for a half hour. Usually, that’s all it takes to get me back in the groove again. But if that doesn’t work, I pack up my stuff and go to Starbucks, where I’m forced to work, and there’s nothing to distract me. That never fails to get me back on track.

Q: If you were to write in another genre that wasn’t young adult romance, which genres would you write and why?

A: I’d do adult romances, either contemporary or historical. I’d have to stay in the romance realm because I love writing and reading love stories. As I mentioned earlier, I love Jane Austen, so I inhale historical romance novels set in the Regency period. I can’t get enough of them.

Q: On your website it says you are an editor. So what’s it like editing other people’s stories? What advice do you give to others wanting to send their work to you to edit? 

A: I love editing other people’s stories. Working with an author to help polish their story so it shines is such a cool experience. And it’s much easier than editing my own work, which I’ve read about a million times and can no longer see the mistakes, lol. Above all, don’t be scared. I’m happy to look at your novel and give you a sample edit. My top priority is to keep the voice of your story yours while helping you get it ready to go out into the world. You’re what makes it special.

Q: On your website I noticed you wrote that you’re currently writing your next book. Can you reveal any details about it? 

A: Well, I’ve been calling it my Anne of Green Gables meets Practical Magic.

Q: Do you have a favorite spot where you write and edit?

A: Typically, it’s in my office. Although, when my dog is desperate for cuddles, I’ll move to the couch. And sometimes, I’ll head off to Starbucks.

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your novels? The entertainment industry is long overdue for new ideas and using great books wouldn’t hurt. 

A: Not at the moment, but I’m definitely open to it. 🙂