Q&A With Eliza Boyd

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Q&A With Eliza Boyd

Eliza Boyd is a clean Christian contemporary romance & women’s fiction author. Her books are part of many series. Eliza’s series is Holiday Harbor, True Love AZ, Sweet Billionaire, & True Love Animal Sanctuary. 


Q: Eliza, where do your ideas for your books come from? 

A: Everywhere! Sometimes I think I get too many! 🙂 But seriously, I get inspiration all over the place. Some come from watching TV and movies, some come from interactions with friends, and some come from seeing strangers interact while I’m running errands. My husband may say something to me that might trigger a story idea, too. Sometimes I think God gives me these ideas. But they happen all the time.

Q: Do you feel as though God called you to be an author? I feel as though he called me to blog.

A: Yes, I do. I think this is a gift He’s given me, so I should steward it well. It’s not something I think I could have done on my own, because writing a whole novel is a tough process most of the time. It takes effort and dedication that do not come naturally to me. Also, if you’ve heard me tell a story verbally, you’d understand how much of a miracle it is that I can string 60,000 cohesive words together. 😂 So this definitely comes from God.

Q: What made you want to write clean contemporary Christian romance and women’s fiction? 

A: It’s what comes naturally to me. I absolutely adore romance and the newness of relationships. Witnessing people fall in love gives me what I call the “heart squeeze” — that feeling in my chest when two people finally admit their feelings and decide to make it work. It makes me so happy! So that’s what I naturally lean toward.

I write “clean” romance because, as a Christian, that’s what will glorify God the most. I stick with contemporary because it requires the least amount of research and it’s what I’m the most familiar with. I don’t have a great love of learning history or being historically accurate, so contemporary works best. 

In the future, I’d love to write more women’s fiction because I love big families and the complications and emotions that arise from them. It’s also therapeutic for me to write about that subject. 

Q: Since you write Christian fiction, would you ever write historical biblical fiction about women from the bible?

A: Great question! That doesn’t seem likely for me, but I won’t put a limit on what God will call me to do. If that’s what He says I’m writing next, then that’s what I’ll write. 

It’s interesting though! I like reading those stories. But right now, that doesn’t seem like a probable path for me or my writing. 

Q: If you are working on a current book now, is it part of your many existing series, the beginning of a new series or a standalone book? 

A: My next release is book 5 (Fall for the Billionaire) in my True Love, AZ series. It is all ready to go and will be out on 9/19!

As for writing, I am currently working on the first draft of book 6 in my True Love, AZ series. It’s the Christmas installment, which is helping me pretend it’s not still 100+ degrees outside here in Phoenix. 😂

I’m also working on a spin-off series for my Holiday Harbor books. That’s not a for-sure yet, as I’ve just started the first two chapters of book 1 and I’m kind of playing around, but I really love the ideas so far: three brothers, one sister, and they all find their significant others around Christmastime. 😀

Lastly, book 7 in my True Love, AZ series (which technically takes place at the same time as book 6, so it doesn’t matter which order they’re read in), will be out in November as part of a charity anthology called A Merry Heart. We’re so excited to release that. 

After that, who knows. I’m just trying to follow God’s lead and see where He takes me. Thanks so much for having me on your blog!

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