Q&A With DH Schleicher

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Q&A With DH Schleicher 

Today my next Q&A is with DH Schleicher (D standing for David). DH Schleicher’s work consists of two collection anthologies of literary and speculative fiction titled When We Come Back which was released in 2023 and his previous one & And Then We Vanish. He has a historical thriller novel Then Came Darkness which takes place during the Great Depression. David also has a blog where he shares his views on books, travel and movies .


Q: So David, what made you want to write literary and speculative fiction for your short stories and a historical thriller novel about the Great Depression?

A: Well, as for the stories that appear in my two collections, each one has its own unique impetus. As for my Great Depression era novel, Then Came Darkness, I’ve always been fascinated by that time period, and doing the deep research needed to create a sense of accuracy, atmosphere, and mood was one of the big draws to writing it. Regarding why I wrote in those genres, I don’t necessarily define my writing in terms of genre. I consider all of my work literary fiction…often with genre elements. A touch of history here…mystery/thriller there…and even a bit of sci-fi in a few of the stories.


Q: When did you know that your calling was to be an author? 

A: I’ve always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. As soon as I could write a word, I was making books. The earliest one I remember was when I was seven, and I wrote a story about a diamond heist and illustrated it with stick figures.


Q: Since you wrote speculative fiction, literary fiction and a historical thriller novel, what other genres would you like to explore writing in the future and why?

A: I mentioned earlier how I don’t define my work by genre. It’s all literary fiction to me. I often add mystery/thriller elements. There is always a psychological bent. I could see myself leaning towards more horror (psychological) or sci-fi on a project in the future. The last story in When We Come Back was my first foray into pure sci-fi.


Q: Is it fair to say the characters and places in your stories are taken from bits and pieces of real places and stories? I love how authors can create a story using real life.

A: Absolutely. Though not always. Travel always plays a big inspiration, especially for settings. But sometimes the most mundane interactions…like overhearing a conversation at a coffee shop or on a train…can lead to a great idea. A conversation between two people at a bar during a snowstorm inspired one of the stories from And Then We Vanish.


Q: If you’re writing your new novel now, can you reveal any details?

A: I am working on a new novel. It’s a multi-generational melodrama focused on many inhabitants of a small town over the years and the tragic events that bookmark their lives. I’m probably about 1/3 of the way through the first draft. 


Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your work? The entertainment industry is long overdue for creativity.

A: No, I wish someone in Hollywood did. I am a huge movie buff, and I write in what I consider a cinematic style. I would love for one of my novels or stories to be adapted one day.