Q&A With Denise Hunter

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Q&A With Denise Hunter 

Internationally bestselling author of romance Denise Hunter is my latest guest to do a Q&A with me. Denise is the author of over forty books and three of them have been turned into Hallmark Channel movies.  Some of her many books are Falling Like Snowflakes, Mulberry Hollow, Harvest Moon & her recent release Wildflower Falls.  

Q: Denise, would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I a little bit about your recent release Wildflower Falls?

A: I’d be happy to! Wildflower Falls is about a horse rancher, Charlotte Simpson, who received life-changing news after her mother’s death. After all her mom’s years of silence on the matter, she has posthumously identified Charlotte’s biological father. Charlotte longs to know her father and half-siblings, Avery, Cooper, and Gavin Robinson, who grew up as she did in Riverbend Gap. However, the Robinsons are a tight clan, and Charlotte is unsure how the revelation of a daughter and new sister might be received. She decides a little subterfuge might be just the thing. Or it just might end up causing even more problems!

Q: Denise, what specifically drew you into writing romance? 

A: I’ve been an avid romance reader since my middle school years. I think it has to do with having parents who are divorced. I’m determined to prove that happily ever after exists—one book at a time! 

Q: Do you get your ideas for your stories from bits and pieces of real people and places? 

A: Sometimes my story ideas come from an event that happens to me, but more often I get kernels of ideas from newspaper articles, real-life stories, overheard conversations or the like. Story ideas are everywhere if you’re looking for them!

Q: Do you have any new releases coming in the future? If so, would you like to talk a little bit about them if you can?

A: I’d love to! My March release, Love, Unscripted is about an author who, during the filming of her book-to-movie adaptation, finds herself falling for the swoon worthy hero she created. It’s a fun beach read featuring the “celebrity bad-boy” trope and also the “enemies to lovers’ ‘ trope. It was fun to use my real-life book-to-movie experience in the writing of this story.

Q: What was it like having three of your books turned into Hallmark movies? Does Hallmark or any other studio in Hollywood have the rights to the rest of your works? The entertainment industry needs new content again. 

A: Yes, the strikes have had quite an impact on the industry! Having three books adapted into Hallmark movies was a literal dream come true! My husband and I got to go on set (Vancouver, CA) for two of them and got cameos in the movies (A December Bride, Christmas on My Mind). I can’t tell you how surreal it was to see the characters I created in my head coming to life before my eyes! 

I do have another book-to-movie adaptation currently in the pre-production stage. It will likely be available on a digital platform—hopefully in the next year or so. I will post more about that in my newsletter when I get more information.