Q&A With Collette Cameron

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Q&A With Collette Cameron 

Collette Cameron is the USA Today Bestselling Author of historical romances. Collette’s historical romances fall in the Scottish and Regency genres. I am delighted to be doing this Q&A with her today! 

Q: Collette, I have gotten into reading historical romances in recent months & I know you enjoy writing them! What do you enjoy most about writing in the historical romance genre?

A: I’m a history buff, and I learn something fascinating by researching every single one of my books. I also adore the chivalry and romanticism of by-gone eras. 

Q: Do you have any upcoming releases & are you currently writing any new books? If so, can you reveal any details about them?

A: Yes, Unmasked at Midnight, the 8th book in my Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides Series releases May 20th. It’s a cute story that features a mischievous goose as a secondary character. You’ll find most of my books have animal characters. Of course, there’s another Westbrook sibling—this time one of the twins, Darius. Araminta, his sweetheart, has a secret life as a romance author. 

My current work-in-progress is the 9th book in the Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides series. Cassius Westbrook is the hero Memories Made at Midnight, and yes, he’s Darius’s twin. Betrayed by a former love, he’s the brooding artist of the family.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a perfect historical romance novel for anyone else wanting to write in that genre?

A: Now that’s a loaded question. I don’t think any one author can say what makes for a perfect historical romance. Each author’s voice is unique and what they want to bring to their readers is as well. Trope choice, era, and heat levels vary greatly among historical romance authors, and that’s part of what makes the genre so special. 

Q: What is the research & writing process like when writing a historical romance? How long does it take for you to write it?

A: If I’m writing a novel set during an era I know well (Regency, for example) I don’t have to do as much research anymore about the era, customs, traditions, and so on. I’ve done tons of that. However, if I decide to write a story set in a time period or location I’m not as familiar with, I’ll spend as much time as necessary researching. 

I still do a lot of researching for my Regencies and Scottish romances, but those details usually involve things like what animals or plants are native to an area, what flowers are in bloom during a certain season, what the sand is like on a beach, what forests are in a specific area, when were certain food introduced, etc. I try to be accurate about every seemingly unimportant detail and that means lots of research that most readers don’t even realize. 

I can write a novel much faster that is set during an era I know well and is a genre I’ve written often. If either of those elements are missing, then it will take me longer to write the book. 

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to your work? Whether they do or not, who would be your dream cast to play the characters you created? I do think we need original content again & not remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels & spin offs. 

A: None of my romances have been made into movies or mini-series, although I think several would make for great viewing. Family series like the Brigerton’s are popular and The Culpepper Misses, Highland Heather Romancing a Scot: Castle Brides, and Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides are all family sagas. 

I don’t have a dream cast for any particular book. I suppose if the day ever comes that I am privileged to have a book or series turned into a movie or miniseries, I’ll have to give that some real consideration. 

Q: Other than historical romance, which other genres do you enjoy reading and would you ever write in them too?

A: I mostly read historical romance. After all, I was a historical romance reader for decades before I started writing them. I do enjoy cozy mysteries and contemporary small town novels. 

I’m actually in the process of writing a contemporary series with my daughter right now. 

Q: What is it like knowing that your books are on the USA Today Bestsellers List? It sounds like a dream come true!

A: It was a dream come true! It never gets old, and it’s a real privilege to make the list.