Q&A With Chelsea Banning

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Q&A With Chelsea Banning

Yesterday I was so excited when Chelsea Banning messaged me back saying she’d love to do a Q&A with me. Chelsea recently released her new novel “Of Crowns And Legends.” “Of  Crowns And Legends”, is about King Arthur’s twins, a boy and a girl who have to live up to their legendary father who is now dead and their mother Guinevere is Queen Regent to the throne and they have to face off against a new threat. I love anything involving Camelot so of course this is added to my never ending list of books I want to read. 


Q: So Chelsea, when did you realize that your calling in life was to be an author?

A: In high school when I had to write a fairytale for an English class assignment. It lit a spark that’s been alight ever since. 

Q: Since we’re on the subject of Camelot, what are your favorite novels, and film and tv shows about Camelot? 

A: The Merin miniseries from 1998 with Sam Neill is my absolute favorite! And the book that got it all started was Avalon High by Meg Cabot. I also love the BBC Merlin series, The Other Merlin, Half-Sick of Shadows, The Lost Queen, Legendborn, Found: Merlin’s Heir Book 1, are just a few. 

Q: What would be your advice to anyone who wants to become an author? What advice do you give to anyone struggling with writers block?

A: If you want to be an author, it is easier now more than ever! So just get started! It might seem overwhelming, but I always say start with finding YouTube videos or books that talk about what a story is. Save the Cat Writes a Novel and Story Genius are my favorites. And with writer’s block, step away from the page/computer for a bit. Put on some inspiring music and let the brain go to work. I like doing mundane tasks like the dishes, or working out while I have music on and it gets my brain and body moving. 

Q: What was it like when Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Jodi Picoult and Margaret Atwood were re-tweeting about your book event? That must have been amazing I still get star struck when authors share Q&A’s I’ve done with them. 

A: It was like a dream. It was hard to believe! It felt so surreal. But it’s been absolutely amazing to see the writing community come together like this. The writing community has always been so supportive, and now that others are seeing that has been wonderful. 

Q: I read somewhere that “Of Crowns And Legends” is the first book in a planned trilogy. If that’s true are you writing book 2 now?

A: it is! I am currently working on book 2. Title reveal coming soon! 

Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to “Of Crowns And Legends”? 

A:  No.