Q&A With Candy Wolff

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Q&A With Candy Wolff

Mickey Mikkelson was kind enough to connect me with the author Candy Wolff. Candy Wolff is the author of the memoir Lost And Found In Mexico: A Widow’s Road To Recovery. 

Q: Candy, would you like to give a brief description of your memoir Lost And Found In Mexico: A Widow’s Road To Recovery? 

A:  My memoir is all about losing my husband unexpectedly while on vacation in Cabo for my 50th birthday.  I recount the days after and all the events that occurred while by myself in another country with a language that I don’t speak.  I had lots of difficult situations that I dealt with.  As well my story goes into depth about my faith growing as I only truly had God to count on to keep me safe, and have the mindset to get through all the heartache and troubles I found myself in.  I had the most amazing experiences with God as I put all my faith in him while in Cabo, and he didn’t disappoint.  I truly felt him holding me in his arms the whole time while I was trying to make sense of my situation. I am honest and open talking about our financial situation and coming home to a whole new set of issues that I had to overcome all while trying to plan a funeral.  It is raw and real and I don’t leave anything out as my hope is to help one person not end up in my situation.

Q: What made now the right time to write, and release Lost And Found In Mexico: A Widow’s Road To Recovery? Faith is mentioned and did you feel as though God called you to write this memoir just as he called me to have my book blog?

A:  I lost my husband on January 27th, 2023, and when I came back from Cabo I told my story over and over to everyone that asked.  Everytime I told my story the person would say this is so crazy you really need to write a book.  It took me about 3 months after the loss of Ross that I realized God was trying to speak to me and I needed to listen.  I started writing the book in May of 2023, and with having a full time job and my youngest still at home it has taken a year to get it written.  I also found it to be very important to find a publishing company that fit my values so that it took some time to talk with different publishers.  I know everything is on God’s timing and just last week did my first Keynote Speaking at The Woodbury Prayer Breakfast with 309 people in attendance.  It was perfect timing to tell my story and now have my book published.

Q: Were there any difficult moments you had a hard time revisiting that you wrote down? How long did it take for you to write the book?

A:  Yes, it was very difficult as it was only 3 months after the loss of Ross that I started writing the book.  My heart was broken and it was like reliving the events over and over every time I would begin to write.  I must say it was also a good way to start my healing.  The most difficult moments were writing about the morning I woke up and found him dead and the events that took place after that.  As well, having to go to the Cabo police department and basically be interrogated even though they knew the cause of death before they brought me in.  It has been a one year journey from start to finish, and I must say I am very proud of myself for having the courage to write and publish my story.  God is amazing and has given me this platform for a reason and I want to make sure that I am using it. 

Q: What lessons do you hope readers learn after reading Lost And Found In Mexico: A Widow’s Road To Recovery? 

A: My number one hope is that people will either find God or renew their relationship with him.  We never know when our last breath will take place here on earth, and I want everyone to be prepared and know where they will end up.  God is so good and his love is so abundant that I just wish I could have everyone feel what I felt while in Cabo.  He sent me angels to be my family while I had no immediate family with me, to help deal with the emotions, stress and just giving me a shoulder to cry on.  If I can just help one person I feel that my grief is worth saving someone’s life so they too can have eternal life in heaven with our amazing Lord and Savior.