Q&A With Ann Huang

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Q&A With Ann Huang 

I have the pleasure and honor of doing this Q&A with writer, poet and filmmaker Ann Huang! 

Q: Ann, what made you want to go into writing and filmmaking?

A: Thank you very much, Bianca! 

I want to say poetry is the main medium to my creative expressions due to its raw, elusive, and dense nature. When it comes to creative output, I believe ‘seeing’ poems as painters see their paintings ‘formulating.’ 

To me, the process of writing and filmmaking is similar to alchemy. The transformation from poetry to film is the melting pot of words and imagery, chosen visually and acoustically from the human psyche, psychology, myths, and dreams. Each of the sources I draw from hints at loss, pain, joy and desire. 

The emotional core I feel under the surface of the page and on-screen sparks surprising sentiments of mingling dreams and reality. My poems and art-films are intended to be consumed with introspection and retrospection. When my audience navigates their memories with detailed attention to their own feelings, they can explore the complex emotions of my films with fluidity and lucidity.

Q: Which films have you made that we’ve seen? 

A: Great question! I hope all of them.. 

My art-film series Ann Huang Presents is based on my award-winning poetry, which echoes metaphysical and multiverse themes such as life and death as well as social ills of the man’s world perceived by the female eye. They are marked by broad philosophical and spiritual overtures such as the collective unconscious by Carl G. Jung. 

Each film from this film series has received numerous accolades in the film festival circuits and showcased in museums:

Palpitations of Dust (representing the Autumn season) is the Finalist for the Best Experimental Film at the 2023 IndieFare International Film Festival.

Indelible Winter (representing the Winter season) has been featured in the UMass Dartmouth University Art Gallery Exhibition called We are All Contagious since May 2020.

The Pines of Spring (representing the Spring season) will premiere at the PBS (TasteTV) upcoming television series SHORT FILMS ON.

Sparse (representing the Summer season) won the Best Experimental Project & Best Film Noir at the 2024 8 & Halfilm Awards.

In the Desert of Eternity (representing the Earth element) is the Finalist for the Best Short Film or Documentary at the 12th Annual TASTEAwards.

Diamond Dust (representing the Metal element) just received a nomination for the Best Director at the Toronto Indie Shorts.

Q: Are you writing more poetry or are you writing a novel?

A: I am writing more poems everyday while revisioning a couple older manuscripts, and pitching them to the publications that I would call ‘home.’ 

Q: Are you working on any films right now?

A: Yes, that as well! 

We are pre-producing the seventh film project Brazen Sails, which will represent both natural elements of Water and Wood in unison.